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HELP! Windows cannot open this file (Download Squad)

Jun 21st 2008 12:30AM MagicDisc


HELP! Windows cannot open this file (Download Squad)

Jun 21st 2008 12:25AM CCCP is great Alan, I highly recommend it.

Installing both of the alternative programs are a drag, since they both want to install a copy of MPC. Get the Lite versions, you don't need MPC if you have SMplayer or VLC, which I would highly reccomend.

FFDshow is a must and is probably included in CCCP. If you can't decode it with FFDshow, its probably not worth decoding.. or something.

7-zip or Izarch is a much better alternative to Win-Rar. If I had to have a proprietary compression program, it would be Win-Rar, but 7-7ip/IZarch is better, faster, etc etc. Not to mention more open.

I tend to find that MagicDisc works better, and I beleive its freeware, just like Daemon Tools, DT is just too big and bloated now.

Yahoo may align with Google against Microsoft's takeover proposal (Download Squad)

Feb 6th 2008 6:51PM Actually, Microsoft may have forced spyglass out of business. Because when they licensed mosaic, they released their browser for free, while Mosaic was still commercial software.

Most likely, Google will buy a minor share in yahoo, say 5% just like they did with AOL.

Yahoo goes back to Google based search results and who knows, maybe technology sharing on the advertising spectrum.

Breaking News: Microsoft seeking to acquire Yahoo! (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2008 3:12PM Most yahoo products (with the exception of those that they purchased from another company) are bloated and ineffective. Yahoo mail may have a desktop like interface, but it doesn't do a very good job of preventing spam.

Of course, there are yahoo products like Pipes and the Yahoo UI, that are both useful. I just don't see this as the great loss that everyone else does.

Twitter and Joyent are no more (Download Squad)

Jan 31st 2008 7:47PM Why would google buying Twitter be a bad thing? I'd send my DNA to google if I thought I'd get more relevant search results.

Google tends to buy, monetize (often transparently) and let operate freely. Not to mention the huge influx of cash a google purchase would mean.

TUGzip: Decompress anything (Download Squad)

Jan 23rd 2008 12:15PM Izarch and 7-zip are both excellent programs. I mentioned TUGzip because I had never heard of it before, and at first glance it seemed like a great program, perhaps it could use further development, in which case I hope this post convinces the author to continue work on it. Because it is very promising.

Google Checkout Trends: Google knows where you shop, what you buy (Download Squad)

Jan 13th 2008 4:46AM DownloadSquad Anti Google? That's funny. Downloadsquads job is to inform, as much as it is to entertain and as comfortable as many people (myself included) are with giving Google their information. For every one of them, there are 30 tinfoil hats that don't want google to know their screen resolution. We aren't Anti-Google but we are Pro-Facts. People deserve to know this stuff.

Punk is not dead; Five predictions for Web Video in 2008 (Download Squad)

Dec 21st 2007 1:46AM What we need a open source hardware/software platform that indeed functions like a DVD player with wifi/lan port.

Who would make such a device? Neuros has always shown themselves to be open to people tinkering with their hardware. Whoever makes it, its got to be extensible, support the latest versions of flash and probably most importantly, be Cheap.

Punk is not dead; Five predictions for Web Video in 2008 (Download Squad)

Dec 21st 2007 1:27AM What's holding web video back isn't the creators. Its the medium. I think the future of web content really lies in the hands of Tivo, DirecTV and Dish and others that are making web content available whenever, and wherever you want.

When I want to watch a show, I want do it from my couch, not my moderately comfortable office chair. Give me a way to watch web video on my TV, and I'll jump at it. As long as it doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

One of the people that I watch on youtube has landed an actual movie role do to his popularity. So the talent is there, I think we just need to wait for someone (revision 3 cough) to step up to the plate and put it where I want it to be.