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Let Microsoft spy on you, get a free copy of Vista Ultimate (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2007 4:38PM This marketing plan will be greeted with much indifference.
Giving away Vista? (yawn) People are buying new pc's WITH Vista because they have to, wiping them, and installing illegal copies of XP.

Free MSOffice '07!! (huhh??) people who care can do fine with MS Works which came with the computer, will be smart and get used to OpenOffice/StarOffice, or they can afford some version priced for education/home.

Free MS Money? Yay!(sarcasm). I'm going to do all my personal finances on a computer which is running MS spyware and uploading bits and pieces of god-knows-what to Redmond/India.

Encarta? What's that?, let me go to Google/Wikipedia to learn what this Encarta is.

Microsoft, GFY.