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Iranian aircraft crash caught on new video (Gadling)

Jun 4th 2011 3:22PM As someone once remarked, an F-4 Phantom that has lost power has the flying characteristics of a falling safe.

Half of all companies will continue to use Windows XP after it retires in 2014 (Download Squad)

Nov 7th 2010 9:54AM You advocates of the immediate adoption of Windows 7 are ignoring a host of issues, foremost of which is the huge investment in application software required by an OS upgrade. Other considerations include reorienting large corporate staffs to the new OS. Use the loaf.

'Humiliated' passenger sues Continental Airlines (Gadling)

Jul 20th 2008 1:49AM I don't see how anyone can pretend to know what really happened here, assuming it's even been accurately reported in the first place. There are obstreperous passengers just as there are discourteous, dictatorial flight attendents. Considering current flying conditions it's a wonder there aren't more incidents like this.

Hot Seat: Obama Solve Rev. Wright Problem? (Politics Daily)

Mar 19th 2008 11:06AM He calls this rabble=rouser and racist hustler his 'sprititual advisor'? If that's all a Harvard education did for him, then maybe we ought to tighten admission standards.

Being rich is good ... Too rich? Not so much. (The Unofficial Microsoft Weblog)

Jun 2nd 2006 2:45AM "5. Edison was a huge "blowhard", greedy for recognition, and VERY Machiavellian. Perhaps many of you were still in diapers but Gates organized the fledgling personal computer business into something equaling what Edison accomplished."

Yes, but Edison actually invented useful appliances. Gates bought DOS from Seattle Software and renamed it MSDOS. He stole all his Windows technology from Apple (which got it from the Xerox Star which was invented by a software genius named Englebart). But the real crime of theft was against the user community: instead of standarizing on Unix, a powerful and reliable industrial grade operating system, Gates chose to create a new operating system based on OS/2, a notoriously substandard platform that set the computer revolution back at least a decade. Why did he do this? So he could reap the profits of a PROPRIETARY OS, burdening millions of users for 20 years with shoddy system software and charging for bogus upgrades. You call this vision. I call it greed.

Being rich is good ... Too rich? Not so much. (The Unofficial Microsoft Weblog)

May 12th 2006 12:04PM News Item: Bill Gates Wishes He Weren't the Richest Man in the World

If Bill Gates feels encumbered by the billions his software monopoly has extorted from PC users, he can give it back to the people he stole it from, the PC user community which has paid for his crummy operating systems many times over in the guise of 'upgrades,' which were egregiously substandard and have shown only the slightest semblance of reliability in the last five years. It is said the American public craves self-deception in massive doses; this is nowhere more in evidence than in its choice of cultural heroes. No, Virginia, Bill Gates is not a second Thomas Edison; he's the greedy, short-sighted Machiavellian creep who set the computer revolution back 15 years.