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Why Google Chrome Really Matters (Download Squad)

Sep 2nd 2008 4:38PM I·ll look at it but it would have to be very special to lure me away from Firefox

Microsoft: We're not done with Yahoo! yet (Download Squad)

May 19th 2008 8:38AM What·s there to enjoy about Microsoft trying to strengthen their near monopoly?
Maybe good for Yahoo shareholders but not for users.

Ask DLS: What do you think of Internet Explorer 8 beta 1? (Download Squad)

Mar 11th 2008 6:33PM Rubbish. Stick with Firefox

Firefox hits 500 million downloads (Download Squad)

Feb 22nd 2008 3:05PM Firefox deserves all the praise it gets.

Breaking News: Yahoo! to reject Microsoft bid (Download Squad)

Feb 9th 2008 5:08PM Anything to keep the Microsoft/Google duo monopoly controlling everything. All power to Yahoo and all the other smaller competitors.

Yahoo may align with Google against Microsoft's takeover proposal (Download Squad)

Feb 5th 2008 3:58PM If Yahoo disappears as an independent company then the Microsoft/Google duo monopoly will be strengthened to our disadvantage.It·s time for everyone to spread their net activities out and use the smaller competitors where possible.

Open Web Awards: Photo Sharing (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2007 3:04PM Why have you not included Zooomr in your list of candidates?