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Rebecca Black Creator and Ark Music Factory CEO Patrice Wilson Gives Bizarre Interview (Urlesque)

Mar 28th 2011 5:31PM Just what the doctor ordered! I was just wondering where I could learn more about that guy.

I love how he bursts in to every song like Ludacris. Such a ridiculous type of music but he's right-- listen to a few of those songs aside from Rebecca and it's just not any worse than the radio. That 'Butterflies' song, if someone had told me it was Taylor Swift or something I doubt I'd know the difference.

Plus every song comes with a Pato interlude. He's the best part.

Google censors torrent, download terms from suggestions and Instant (Download Squad)

Jan 27th 2011 8:53PM it does seem like a pretty reasonable action, they have to watch their backs like anyone else, probably even more now with the antitrust nuts after them. interesting regardless, but not something to be irritated about.

Facebook to let advertisers use your posts in Sponsored Stories (Download Squad)

Jan 27th 2011 5:31PM So if I say 'Avatar is the finest movie I've ever experienced, I can't wait to get a horse with a USB interface in its mane,' does Facebook have some kind of Big Blue built to sense sarcasm? It could end up relatively entertaining I guess, but no one is really going to appreciate it.

AT&T's Anti Texting While Driving PSA Will Make You Cry (The One) (Urlesque)

Dec 29th 2010 5:43AM This could just as easily be called The Last Mascara or The Last Breakfast Sandwich. And the cop that starts the show, if he's equipped normally, has a laptop he's running plates on constantly while driving.

Any distraction can cause an accident. Our driving fatality rates are the lowest in history, and having laws based on an activity rather than the quality of driving just leads to more reasons you can be pulled over, it doesn't increase the quality of driving. It does not reduce deaths (http://www.google.com/search?q=texting+laws+decrease+accidents). If you're driving poorly you can already be pulled over, and many people, such as police and others can and do multitask safely daily. Is it ideal? No. Will it change? No.

The laws just mean the person has their eyes at the floor of the car while they're texting, instead of maybe holding it on the steering wheel where you can see the road. I doubt too many people will agree, but the laws make inevitable texting even less safe.

No more unnecessary laws, and no more tearjerker anecdotal reasons for more laws that make an unsafe practice even less safe.

The Open Internet teaches net neutrality to everyone (Download Squad)

Dec 24th 2010 12:34PM @Matt Just look at the reasoning here-- a list of what 'might' or 'could' happen. But it hasn't. To avoid the potential problem, we invite in an agency with a history of overreach and misunderstanding the medium. What makes you trust that there won't be worse unintended consequences? What has the FCC done well, and why wouldn't you worry about possible problems before wanting to completely change what has worked so far on the Internet?

Facebook 'I Drink' Statuses Explained - Why Every Woman You Know Suddenly 'Drinks Tequila' (Urlesque)

Dec 7th 2010 12:28AM And it has no one wondering 'for days' maybe for seconds if they care enough to Google it. Everyone else just sees it as part of the ongoing blinding blur of vaguebooking.

The one thing it does work as is a reminder for me to not log into Facebook for a while. It's a stale as a dirty old floor freezer.

webOS 2.0 coming soon to Pre, Pixi, and Pre Plus (Download Squad)

Nov 19th 2010 4:47PM I love you DLS for my webOS news fix.

And I love my damn Pixi, believe it or not. Tethered at a pretty solid 2Mbps as we speak.

Anyway cool news, hope it really happens.

Facebook for iOS gets privacy settings (Download Squad)

Nov 15th 2010 9:54AM This is a great example of specifically what people were talking about in the Win7 / YouTube post, and also about apps in general. They simply are not going to keep up with the main site-- even on iOS.

There are uses for apps, but replicating a more current touch version of a website across 3 or 4 or more platforms.

The top Windows Phone 7 app -- YouTube -- is just a website shortcut (Download Squad)

Nov 14th 2010 2:58AM gonintendo is exactly right, it's sometimes a bad assumption that an 'app' will have more features or do something the mobile site itself won't. That's often not the case, and it means the app features usually lag the site itself, and sometimes lose support for a while, like with Facebook on the iPhone.

The entire app thing is sort of out there because of Apple, but really the more people use mobile sites the better to avoid a ton of platform fragmentation and orphaned apps over time.

Apple releases new Gold Master for iOS 4.2, fixes iPad Wi-Fi bug (Download Squad)

Nov 12th 2010 11:44PM what bug apple has never had a bug it just works