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Member since: May 10th, 2006

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It's been real (The JavaScript Weblog)

Aug 31st 2006 11:30PM Thanks for bringing us this wonderful blog, thanks!

Maxian's 30GB portable media player (PVR Wire)

Aug 31st 2006 11:22PM This like Mobile phone, very small and easy to take with.

Tivo Series 3 Unboxed (PVR Wire)

Aug 31st 2006 11:18PM Does it have component input?

Google Coverage now on Download Squad! (The Unofficial Google Weblog)

Aug 29th 2006 12:29AM I like your blog, google is part of my daily life.

Blogs missing from Yahoo! News search results (Download Squad)

Aug 28th 2006 1:02AM As I know Yahoo paying great attention on blog, they invite a lot of famous people to login their blog. We will see what yahoo decision make.

Research, learn and collaborate at Zimbio (Download Squad)

Aug 28th 2006 1:00AM This is new information for me, thanks!

Free Streaming Quotes On Yahoo Finance (Download Squad)

Aug 28th 2006 12:59AM very useful information, thanks!

Dishwasher Safe Chandelier (Luxist)

Aug 26th 2006 2:07AM I 100% support the author's opinion.

Most Expensive Pez Dispenser (Luxist)

Aug 26th 2006 2:04AM this is very useful inforamtion, thanks!

Fjord Armchair (Luxist)

Aug 26th 2006 2:01AM I like this colour, but for this design I'm not sure.