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How To: Transfer your PuTTY settings between computers (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2007 4:56PM Or, alternatively, you could use PortaPutty to have all of your sessions and server info saved in a flat text file. It's fantastic for USB keys, but also serves just as well stored on a work PC's hard disk.

Recapping the First Annual Blogger Championship at PokerStars (Card Squad)

Oct 24th 2005 5:00PM I can second your issues with AJ, Wil. AJ has cost me numerous hands, an SNG once or twice, and the $20 Katrina relief tourney. It just looks so good to play, though! Argh! However, at least you went out with a little dignity and in the top 25% of the players. I mentioned this in an earlier entry (and on my blog in the link below), but my Aces were cracked with a suited Hammer. I was the 9th person out of the tourney, 3 minutes in. That felt.. strange. A lil proud to be knocked out of the blogger tourney with the Hammer, but strange nonetheless.

Inaugural PokerStars Blogger Championship (Card Squad)

Oct 24th 2005 11:16AM I hate to brag, but I was knocked out in 1464th place. My pocket aces went up against a SUITED HAMMER, and the Hammer hit a runner-runner flush to crack my aces. I'd expect nothing less from a blogger tourney, and I'm a bit proud to have to go out like that.