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Alice intro trailer is face-scratchingly insane (Joystiq)

May 18th 2011 3:02AM @ArQuesta

I'm sure I read they're including the original with the game (on PS3 & 360)

Which ROCKS, because you do have to play it!

Road Rash revisitation artwork surfaces on former Bizarre artist's portfolio (Joystiq)

Feb 22nd 2011 4:47PM @(Unverified)

EA Didn't do that, Criterion had already made the second game when they were bought.

Road Rash revisitation artwork surfaces on former Bizarre artist's portfolio (Joystiq)

Feb 22nd 2011 4:46PM @InDurdenWeTrust

Heh, a couple of Criterion folks moved from the Derby Office that I worked at when they shut it down only to have to go through the rigmarole of the redundancy process when Warrington shut down.

Still rate Criterion as a studio since I left, can't blame them for shutting us down, we were a bit of a waste of talent out on a limb from the rest of the company.

Sony bringing official PlayStation app to iPhone and Android (Download Squad)

Dec 19th 2010 6:40AM @Jeff Hesser

Except the 360 ID APi is already open & you can do most of that stuff already

Quick google found this too, not sure if it works

Happy 25th birthday, Windows! (Download Squad)

Nov 20th 2010 6:49PM What about his a flaky piece of crud Windows.?

NBC Cancels 'Undercovers' (AOL TV)

Nov 4th 2010 4:43PM "Hailed as one of the most diverse new shows of the fall (both the show's leads are black),"

How is having two leads of the same colour diverse??

What's On Tonight: Midterm Election Coverage, 'Dirty Jobs,' 'Stargate Universe,' 'Sons of Anarchy' (AOL TV)

Nov 2nd 2010 6:46PM Don't forget the repeats of Star Trek TNG at 10pm, much more worthy of seeing than Caprica.

FU Shi*-fy

'Chuck' Season 4, Episode 7 Recap (AOL TV)

Nov 2nd 2010 6:02AM Hahah! Tim Dalton's Yorkshire accent!
And the comment about why would a plane only have 1 parachute!

'Avatar' Arriving On 3D Blu-ray December 1st (Moviefone Blog)

Oct 28th 2010 1:33PM Brilliant! So in order to see Avatar on my shiny new 3d Sammy I have to go out & but a more expensive Panny?

Now where's my credit card?