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Google to disclose WiFi snooping data to regulators amid allegations it was collected intentionally (Engadget)

Jun 4th 2010 2:16PM @admlshake you do know it was found a while back openDNS is close to Google when it comes to loose privacy?

Google to disclose WiFi snooping data to regulators amid allegations it was collected intentionally (Engadget)

Jun 4th 2010 2:02PM @Jimbojones actually, its a public company which you can very much have control of if you have enough money. FTC will rain on Googles parade too. Google is NOT a private company.

Google's Nexus One censors your voice-to-text input, we #### you not (Engadget)

Jan 24th 2010 7:28PM This is not a nexus one specific problem. The Droid removes voice cussing in searches too. This topic is as stupid and ignorant as the topic that stated the "new features in android 2.1" when most of them are on the Droid too.

How to install a browser if you don't have a browser (Windows 7 E) (Download Squad)

Jul 18th 2009 12:04AM What James said. This entire matter with the EU anti-trust case made me lol. It's not like Microsoft put an intentional loopback preventing FireFox.Com from being loaded. Amirite?

Skype 3.0 beta for Windows Mobile adds file transfer, SMS (Download Squad)

Mar 25th 2009 4:59AM You had to go and remind me that Alltel got bought out by Verizon and my international texting goes from $0 per international text to $0.20 per international text when my contract ends >.> I guess now is my chance to get used to skype mobile xD

WoW's EULA and Blizzard's OS support (WoW)

Jan 13th 2009 12:17PM That comment about staying away from Windows 7 till the bugs get ironed out is ignorant and un-knowledgeable to say the least. You as a company close to Engadget should learn to be more informed. Windows 7 is an incremental upgrade, which means it's closely related to Vista with majority of the upgrades being quirks that were deemed unnecessary for Vista but good for another OS, including UI changes, x64 improvements and many other improvements. It has MORE work then Vista does because it was originally planned to be THEE successor to XP. So here it is in short: Blizzard games DO work on Windows 7 with NO problems, there are some minor improvements to game quality under Windows 7 in x64 as well as it working in x64 as x86 from a public folder. Actually, most software works, unless it happens to be security software and rightfully they should need to adjust their drivers and kernel locks for the new Windows. One of the biggest improvements to Windows 7 is the x64 support and overall performance in x64 vs. x86, you can feel the power under x64 now.

US transfers now available (WoW)

Nov 13th 2008 11:05PM I moved to Thrall months ago - I mean months ago back when my toon only had like 50 days play-time - because it was such a great raiding server, never had a bad time in a pug. Let alone a bad time finding a good raiding guild. I'm sad to have to go but it seems all the crap players that got weened out are coming back. No offense if you like to wipe raids or nothing, you always give me a good laugh, I've packed my stuff and moved.

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 0 - 60-day game time card (WoW)

Nov 13th 2008 2:28PM YAY, more need rolls for me

Realms offline until at least 6:00pm EST [Updated] (WoW)

Nov 11th 2008 7:28PM You obviously have no idea how this industry works let alone software programming.

1.) For a spelling mistake, which is one of the first places they would have looked, they could grep every line of code for common spelling mistakes.

2.) For every line they update, they acknowledge it in developer notes for the latest release, these are kind of like release notes but instead they tell the latest developer changes. So going back and finding out what happened shouldn't be this hard.

3.) Testing testing testing, this company has MONEY out the butt, they have the ability to private test amongst developers for issues and roll out developer servers further testing software BEFORE release.

You are trying to make up excuses for incompetence, ignorance, and laziness of testing and debug checks. The common person has no discretion between either as they are a paying customer and they expect a certain level of service as well as a certain level of quality service. I am not saying Blizzard doesn't provide this as it's your job to decide this.

Here is what I see:

1.) Programmer programs
2.) Programmer tests it, obviously is a newbie programmer and doesn't pay much attention to every detail. Isn't as attentive as he should be because all he can think about is the release of WOTLK and the patch they need to release for WOTLK fixing all it's bugs.
3.) Senior programmer looks over changes, obviously doesn't know much more then the programmer, approves the code block and then it gets finalised.
4.) We get the typical excuse "ooops fat finger cauzed ur downtime", we lose game-time (during the time when most people game,) get no reimbursement, get told to suck it up.