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Tweetie 1.2, now with love for video (

May 27th 2009 12:20PM LOL. My company doesn't want us to be on anything but MAYBE Goole, and that's on a good day.

Tweetie 1.2, now with love for video (

May 27th 2009 12:10PM Yet I STILL cannot connect through my work's proxy connection. I wish the developer would get that fixed already. That is the location I use the Mac Tweetie at throughout the day!

BGR brings the pain: ten things wrong with the iPhone (

Jan 21st 2009 1:21PM None of the Above:
The SDK is far to closed and managed allowing for ONLY crappy gimmicky application to prevail. Android is far more open and far more applications have shown some serious creativity for a mobile device with all those capabilities in the hardware. Palm's new Pre even has a better programming interface then iPhone. We NEED the ability to multitask and it just doesn't look like Apple will give it to us because "they know what's best".

Apple increases iPhone, iPod touch storage capacity (

Feb 5th 2008 10:17AM I am sure they will as long as you are in your return window.

Yahoo! Messenger for Vista Preview is live (Download Squad)

Dec 6th 2007 9:43AM The login will not take my Y! login/password saying it is invalid. I open a browser window and log in no problem. I even switched settings to work with and without proxy and HTTP. Nothing seems to work. Anyone having this issue?