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iPhone OS 4.0: Multitasking support hidden away for pre-3GS devices (

Apr 11th 2010 11:21AM An old iMac G3 will happily run OS X with 128 MiB of RAM, and older Nokias do full multitasking with only 128 MiB of RAM as well. Calling Apple evil for this is idiotic; they are making iPhones to make lots of money, but if I were to have an iPhone/iPhone3G, this would make me drop it for another platform.

Ventev EcoCharge whacks vampire draw, charges two devices for the price of one (Engadget)

Mar 24th 2010 2:29AM This is utterly pointless. Saving at most .275 W of electricity, assuming a very expensive electiricty rate (.40$/KWhr), you'd have to leave the damn thing plugged in for about 30 years to make up the cost of it. Unplugging a charger is a pretty simple thing to do if the pennies a year it costs you has a symbolic value, but many phones tell you to unplug the charger, and judging by the piezoelectric buzz my Nokia charger emits when plugged into the mains but not a phone, it barely uses any power at all.

Rumored Windows Phone 7 details surface ahead of MWC launch: Zune-like UI, no multitasking (Engadget)

Feb 6th 2010 9:26PM @Almo If this info is correct, Windows Mobile 7 looks to be an abomination. No backwards compatibility with a virtualized language!? Removed multitasking!? Removed Flash support (Silverlight is better but next to nobody uses it). No side loading apps!? I like Windows Mobile better than the iPhone right now becasue of the lack of restrictions, but if 7 becomes a walled garden, MS would loose their biggest advantage. Oh well, there's always Nokia and their awesome software.

This day in Engadget: Steve Jobs calls for an end to DRM (Engadget)

Feb 6th 2010 9:16PM @(Unverified)
And then came the iPhone and the iPad, and DRM became pervasive ): Microsoft even beat Apple to offering DRM free music. Oh well, at least Apple doesn't have Microsoft's software validation crap (iWork >>>>> Office).

X2 brings the Amtek iTablet back from the abyss, forgets that no one cared the first time (Engadget)

Feb 5th 2010 3:48PM @Deceptor Also, I'm pretty sure it'll be fairly fast with a Pentium M; those were the basis for the Core microarchitecture and are not low voltage chips (i.e. the Atom line). However, I'd guess that this would give it worse battery life.

The iPad and you (Download Squad)

Jan 27th 2010 9:42PM I honestly don't see the appeal of this, aside from the iBook part. It can't do anything more than the iPod touch, costs more, and can't be carried around in a practical manner. I think that whatever manufacturer that is first to put out a coherent tablet PC could one up Apple here; there are too many limitations for this to have a right to take off.

Windows 7 RTM "improved" activation bypassed by hackers (Download Squad)

Nov 14th 2009 2:59PM The last paragraph is assuming a lot about the patch. There is a service in 7 called software protection that manages the license and checks to make sure that there are no hacks. NOTHING ELSE checks this. If the patches mess with the service itself, MS is without recourse even if somebody does nothing else (turning off windows update won't matter at all) to avoid detection. If it doesn't modify the software protection service, MS could still revoke the false license through the SP service.

Windows 7 security defeated by 8 out of 10 malware applications (Download Squad)

Nov 10th 2009 12:26AM As OS X is a BSD system, it basically has a graphical sudo prompt. Also, the "behavior" wherein a program could turn off UAC without confirmation has been patched, so the default settings provide a good barrier between running processes in an elevated or nonelevated state.

Windows 7 security defeated by 8 out of 10 malware applications (Download Squad)

Nov 10th 2009 12:23AM This has little to do with UAC; the article just states that UAC can't detect and stop viruses if the user continues onward. That's pretty basic knowledge. Also, the linked ars article is almost a year old; as it says in the article the UAC hack has been nullified. Changes to the UAC level now prompt a dialogue UNLESS the user has already disabled UAC, and have since at least the RC.

Confirmed: 10.6.2 removes Atom CPU support from Snow Leopard (

Nov 10th 2009 12:09AM I'm guessing hackers will have a 10.6.2 patched with an atom capable kernel, or with whatever code disables atom support removed. You could still install the retail 10.6.0 disk with one of the oss osx bootloaders, you just can't patch to .2 without a hack.