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New Digsby installer loaded with bloat and adverts (Download Squad)

Nov 24th 2008 5:51PM I was really disappointed with the amount of bloatware that comes with Digsby and the fact that unwanted changes are NOT easy to undo. I understand that the companies need to monetize, but somewhere along the way you reach a point where the extra crap becomes so annoying as to make the software not worth it.

I think it's pretty clear that some of the previous commenters haven't run the installer lately, it's not as simple as clicking decline these days. There are multiple boxes that need to be checked/unchecked and even after that there is another popup trying to get you to make changes to your system once again.

During a previous installation a few months ago, I accidentally left a box in the wrong status and had several unintended changes on my system. These were NOT easily fixable by the add/remove programs feature and required a few more intensive hacks to undo.

The bottom line is that the software is pretty nifty for being free, but the amount of hassle required to install it makes other alternatives like Pidgin look that much better.

Mozilla Firefox breaks non-existent world record - nobody cares (Download Squad)

Jul 3rd 2008 7:37AM While I didn't particularly get excited about the "news", the actual release did excite me a bit.

This post seems very un-Download Squad like. Personal axes to grind are probably better served on a different blog.


Could Windows XP get another stay of execution? (Download Squad)

Mar 25th 2008 7:57PM I think it's more likely that MS will create a new light version of Windows 7. The light version will be custom built to run on low-powered computers. Also, MS would rather have you buy a brand new version of Windows than use an old one.

"Beacon Sucks" sums up SXSWi Facebook keynote (Download Squad)

Mar 10th 2008 12:30PM I've seen bits of the interview on the net, and read a lot of the articles popping up on techmeme, and the whole situation seems odd.

It certainly seems like she wasn't connected to her audience, and wasn't asking the questions they wanted to hear. Maybe Mark didn't want to talk about APIs, but his audience certainly did.

Lacy had an off day and isn't deserving of some of the harshest criticisms she is getting. She needs to just smile, laugh, say "I tried my best, but didn't quite nail this one" and move on.

CW summarizes the real issue best in the last paragraph. It was ironic that in a crowd of social media types, the two on center stage (interviewer and interviewed) couldn't make a connection with their target audience.

Spot on.

Internet Explorer 8 will support web standards by default (Download Squad)

Mar 4th 2008 2:26PM About time. I'll be glad to see IE7 go. Nice to see they are coming around and embracing standards although it's disturbing that they were considering not doing so early on.

New status: get invisible on Google's Gmail Chat (Download Squad)

Feb 25th 2008 11:37AM This is good. I like being "invisible" in chat by default and stopped using gmail chat for a while because they didn't have this feature.

Squadcast 11 - Pimp your WordPress (Download Squad)

Feb 21st 2008 12:51PM The import feature in Wordpress is quite possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread. It imports comments as well!

Happy Birthday Mozilla -or- Open Source can be Delicious (Download Squad)

Jan 25th 2008 7:28PM Ooh that looks so good!

Squadcast 10 - Searching for the future (Download Squad)

Jan 24th 2008 3:25PM I haven't used Mahalo search all that much, but I've been using the plugin and recommending links where appropriate. I need to remember to use the Mahalo search plugin more often instead of going straight to Google.

Pownce goes live (Download Squad)

Jan 22nd 2008 10:56AM A friend of mine told me about Pownce and made me sign up. I received my beta invite, added him, and haven't heard from him since. Sigh.

I just don't get Pownce. Twitter I get - it's easy to create an account, follow a person or two, discover more people through them, have people discover your, and quickly your on your way to microblogging. Pownce - I haven't quite figured out yet.

I think Pownce could use a good "getting started" section with screenshots, tutorials and maybe even a video demo. Make it look exciting and fun to use.

Right now I think Twitter is just seeing the tip of the iceberg. I predict within a year it will expand its functionality greatly and the userbase will go through the roof.

I'm not writing Pownce off, I think they need to get their act together a bit more before it gives Twitter a run for its money.