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Electric GreenGT design study fortells the future of LeMans (Autoblog)

May 16th 2009 5:40AM .

brilliant idea to solve the Formula 1 "fixed budgets" dispute



Odyssey Moon hopes to bring lunar payloads to the masses with MoonOne (Engadget)

Apr 22nd 2009 10:07AM -------------------------------
it's NOT an Odyssey Moon design but a NASA Ames Research Center designed lunar lander you can read more about in this CosmicLog post:
and, thanks to the heavy NASA help, Odyssey Moon will probably WIN the """Google""" Lunar X Prize, as explained in this article:

MSI's Wind U123 netbook gets unboxed (Engadget)

Apr 11th 2009 9:38PM ----------------------------------------------------------

WHEN the notebooks manufacturers will (finally!) END to put TONS of USELESS (Intel, OS, HW specs, Antivirus, WiFi, etc.) unsightly and non removable LABELS on the notebook top near the trackpad???



GM and Segway's P.U.M.A. makes its stage debut (with video!) (Engadget)

Apr 7th 2009 1:37PM .

a four wheel electric car with the same range/speed specs can be made by chinese for less than $1000 each


GM and Segway's P.U.M.A. unveiled and no, this isn't a joke (Engadget)

Apr 7th 2009 1:54AM .

an incredibly STUPID idea!!!

it uses the very expensive self-balancing Segway technology just to save the (much lower) price of two furter wheels!!!


Apple's touch-screen netbook gets another shot of rumor juice (Engadget)

Mar 10th 2009 6:55AM .

it's exactly the same idea and design of the Apple "eeeAir" netbook that I've suggested ten months ago in this article:



NASA taps Orbital Sciences, SpaceX for ISS resupply missions (Engadget)

Dec 28th 2008 7:38PM .

it's an INCREDIBLE WASTE of NASA's money, as explained in this article:



Googleholic for June 7, 2008 (Download Squad)

Jun 7th 2008 4:52PM the new Google favicon is awful! it looks like the small "g" is choked in an oil's spil sea! about the """Google""" Lunar X Prize: http://www.ghostnasa.com/posts/008moonprize.html

Google sponsoring private mission to the moon (BloggingStocks)

Feb 8th 2008 2:21PM .

the "DARK SIDE" of the """""Google""""" Lunar X Prize...