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Daniele Tiles

Member since: Oct 21st, 2005

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Google Calendar is live and it rocks (Download Squad)

May 18th 2006 1:32PM Do you want to sync both ways between Google Calendar and Outlook?
Try RemoteCalendars plugin for Outook 2003!
Here are all the instructions to set up correctly the two-way sync ;)

So long iCal, hello Google Calendar (TUAW.com)

May 18th 2006 6:28AM Hi,
sync is possible if you use Outlook 2003 ;), with the plugin RemoteCalendars
Here are all the instructions

Google Calendar: Staying organized has never been so easy (The Unofficial Google Weblog)

Apr 30th 2006 11:57AM Hi,
with the latest version of RemoteCalendars is possible also (with strong limitations) to publish to Google Calendar...2-way sync is arriving...:))

Share calendars between Outlook 2003, iCal, and Sunbird (Download Squad)

Oct 21st 2005 9:22AM You're marvelous O_O!! Thank you very much for this article, you amazed me :) Bye Daniele