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49% of people want autonomous cars (Translogic)

Mar 1st 2011 12:55AM I would like a car that offers the option to drive itself.

I enjoy driving. But, if I'm on a long, boring trip, I'd rather just enjoy the scenery or surf the web rather than focus on driving.

I also look forward to cars that can drive themselves for another reason. It would, hopefully, take control of automobiles out of the hands of those who don't know what the hell they're doing behind the wheel.

Battlestar Galactica: The Road Less Traveled - VIDEO (AOL TV)

May 15th 2008 7:44PM I hate that this outstanding show is going to end soon. But, at the same time, I don't want it them to wind up like Star Trek. I used to be a big fan of that franchise. But, by the time Voyager started, it seemed as though they were just churning out product. It wasn't special anymore. Now, they're praying that this next movie is a hit, or the whole franchise will be mothballed. Better to go out on top.

Fans shafted as Major League Baseball revokes DRM licenses (Download Squad)

Nov 7th 2007 8:40PM MLB is probably taking a hard line until they can assess how much of a problem this will cause them. If they see lots of bad publicity and/or lawsuits, they'll back down.

It kinda sucks that they won't just fix the issue because it's the right thing to do.