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Engadget giveaway: Win a TomTom GO 630 GPS pre-installed with Darth Vader's voice (Engadget)

Jun 8th 2010 3:47PM even better than the knight rider gps system! a must have....
yoda would approve

Modern Warfare 2 'Stimulus Package' DLC in stills (Joystiq)

Mar 26th 2010 9:55AM people - you dont HAVE TO buy this dlc
but if you want it - then pay the f**king price and stop complaining

This Wednesday: XBLA takes you out for Diner and a Gyromantic date (Joystiq)

Nov 16th 2009 3:57PM bleh game is worthy of the iphone - but for a far cheaper price i would say

Eleven iPhone games I won't delete (

Sep 8th 2009 8:10PM peggle!!!!!

First Look: Ramp Champ adds carnival fun to your iPhone (

Aug 25th 2009 6:42PM Just try them first before you buy *wink* *wink*

iPhone 3GS announced: $199 16GB, $299 32GB, June 19th (Engadget)

Jun 8th 2009 3:42PM I think the announcements were good and i was very impressed -

those who expected more are probably the same assholes who complain every time apple announces something
what more do you people want?

gesh - you got longer battery life, an overall faster phone, turn by turn gps by tom tom, cut & paste, better camera, video, & voice control - but just because flash is not being supported doesn't mean you should bash everything else

AT&T confirms contract-free $599 / $699 iPhone 3Gs for next week (Engadget)

Mar 20th 2009 2:04PM iphone without at&t or data plan = fail

AT&T confirms contract-free $599 / $699 iPhone 3Gs for next week (Engadget)

Mar 20th 2009 12:54PM suck it up and get the contract if you dont want to spend the cash - are you really that scared of being tied into a company?
most contracts are actually worth it - i have 3 shared lines with at&t, 2 iphones and one quickfire, $30 unlimited text shared, plus free night and weekends, free at&t to at&t customer calling, free nation wide calling, only $9 extra per each line, add that shit up if you didn't have a contract and the cost out weigh the benefits if you ask me

AT&T confirms contract-free $599 / $699 iPhone 3Gs for next week (Engadget)

Mar 20th 2009 11:29AM this is bs - my 2g iphone just cracked when it dropped and there is no way in hell im buying any phone for $600 + - even at&t's website offers refurb 3g iphones for as little as $99 - with a contract - but who gives a shit about the contract when you already have a good one (keep renewing my same killer contract each time) and have been with at&t for 6+ years anyway and are highly satisfied. I dont care if i have a contract if i know the company is worth it and i will always need a cell phone.

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