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Up close with the Eee PC user interface - part 1 (Download Squad)

Nov 5th 2007 3:27PM Hi,

I bought the eeePC and was excited when i got it. had it 2 days now and i am sat in front of my real computer websurfing and posting this comment on my eee right now!

The linux OS is KDE based with a strong Suse influence. The comments made in the video dont quite go far enough to explain that not only is the add/remove software utility very limited but there is no easily accessible package manager. if anyone knows how to launch it from the terminal please let me know.

I have however run a ventrilo server and had perfect ping with 3 LAN connectees using it from the minibook and unzipped and configured a java runtime environment for it.
on battery life i would say it definately lasts 3.5 hours, I don't run the wireless very often however. I believe i have had it working over 5 hors before but i wasnt really counting strictly.

It gets rather warm but is comfortable enough for exposure to your legs for a reasonable level. Also i cannot disagree strongly enough with this reviews assessment of the games on the minibook. Penguin racer is an addictive and punishing SSX-lite style game, it also has a clone of tetris, tetris attack, puzzle bobble and the learn section has TuxMath where you enter sums to prevent them falling on your cities. It may not sound like much but i wonder who hasnt wasted the battery life the device was shipped with by playing the games till the machine cried (it has good warning systems and a very long low battery time indicator)

Very impressed customer