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Microsoft Live Maps gets close up (Download Squad)

Apr 1st 2007 5:48AM 3.8 terabytes and my town's still in black and white.

No thanks, I'll stick with Google.

Game Boy sound comparison delights musicians, confuses others (Joystiq)

Mar 29th 2007 4:19PM I always thought the old gray brick Gameboy had better sound than any of its pre-Advance redesigns. I always thought I was crazy but hey, here's the evidence to back it up.

ASCII-based Dwarf Fortress is the future of video games? (Joystiq)

Mar 28th 2007 11:40AM So no one actually read this blog post or the article it's referencing, eh?

This isn't about graphics, it's about interactivity. But yeah, it's a Joystiq comments section, so it's just going to turn into a graphics flamewar anyway.

This Wednesday: Jetpac's back, launches XBLA attack (Joystiq)

Mar 23rd 2007 5:59PM See what happened? See what you did? MS saw how many people would have enjoyed Gyruss (and how C. Grant was getting owned in the comments), so they had to dig up a release that WILL break the streak of good games.

The "we haven't played it yet" defense for this game is weak; it's Jetpac in a pretty coat of new paint, don't kid yourselves.

Arcade classic Gyruss to blow Xbox Live Arcade streak (Joystiq)

Mar 21st 2007 9:55PM This is a horrible news post, even for Joystiq.

Acclaim ditches dedicated testers, welcomes community overlords (Joystiq)

Mar 20th 2007 3:40PM If anyone needs to start pinching pennies, it's Acclaim.

Google Homepage introduces dynamic themes (Download Squad)

Mar 20th 2007 3:37PM Sweet Dreams would be nice if it didn't keep jumping from high noon to rosy sunset. Did I mention it's only 1PM here?

Ace Combat 6 revealed as an Xbox 360 exclusive (Joystiq)

Mar 20th 2007 12:35PM Vexorg, read more carefully.

OH SHI- by the way. 360 wins for sure, now.

Wii is two duct taped Gamecubes and other publisher rants (Joystiq)

Mar 8th 2007 4:21PM There's a name for people like Chris Hecker.

It's "Attention Whore" and all the posts before this one are giving him just what he wants.

Pepsi taps into today's culture with ... pinball? (Joystiq)

Mar 4th 2007 5:58PM Pinball > GTA, anyway.