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Up close with the Eee PC user interface - part 1 (Download Squad)

Nov 4th 2007 6:13AM
For a size comparision...

Take 2 DVD movie cases and stack them on top of each other. The EEE is slightly wider, slightly deeper, and thiner.

This thing is __SMALL__. If you like cargo pants you can stick this in your pockets.

The screen is the same type of screen you have in UMPC. Same size, same resolution. Its actually good quality.

And if you want to compare Asus quality vs Apple vs whoever.. Asus are the actual iBook maker. Apple buys it's ibooks from them.. As well as other OEMs like Sony.

Right now I can go to Walmart.com and get a Linux PC for under 200 dollars, but that's not the point. The point of the thing is have a ultra-mobile device that is this side of $1000. If you go and look at people's offerings of smaller-then-12 inch laptops you'd see that the vast majority of them are over $1500.

This thing is unique. It has no peer.

But it's not for everybody. It's for people that want real mobility and are willing to pay for it through reduced capacity and performance. If you need it on the bus everyday or want a computer to use in the subway or carry in your backpack.. then this is it.

If you want a laptop for occasional mobility and desire performance and capacity over size then there are a wide veriety of very good Linux laptops provided by people like System76 for around $700

And another thing to understand is the OEM vs ODM relationships between laptop manufacturers.

The people who actually build laptops are companies like Quantas and Asus. People like IBM/Leveno, Apple, Sony, Dell, HP, and so on and so forth (as well as smaller folks like System76) order their laptops with customized plastic shells and the like from those big companies.

The people who make your laptops are:
1. Quantas
2. Compal
3. Winston
4. Inventec
5. Asus
6. Uniwell

And then a bunch of other ones like Acer.