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Editor ponders: Do you need a Blu-ray player? (Engadget HD)

Nov 16th 2008 10:25PM Alright, so here is how I have been wowing over my family, and proving that there is a BIG difference between DVD and Blu-Ray.

Go buy a copy of The Matrix Revolutions on DVD, and a copy on Blu-Ray.

Watch the scene where Neo and Agent Smith are fighting in the "broken" Matrix, where is it raining.

Look at the amount of detail -MISSED- in the DVD version versus the Blu-Ray. The Video from an upscaling DVD player vs the Blu-Ray is like night and day. The upconversion doesn't mean better detailing when there is a lot of fast motion. Blu-Ray allows a lot of the fast motion or extremely detailed movies to shine in 1080p. Thats why I went Blu-Ray.

Oh, and anyone who complains about "black bars" on the top and bottom of the tv set when they are watching a movie should be smacked in the head with a club. There are so many different wide screen measurements that could be used in the movie industry. Its not even funny how many there are.

Then again, maybe Blu-Ray is only for serious movie watchers... not the casual consumer.

Nega-Review: Gears of War 2 (Joystiq)

Nov 10th 2008 3:40PM I think this is why my hard-earned dollars will be going to Mirrors Edge on Friday when I get paid. Its simple really...

the hype that came with GOW2, was really the same that came with Halo 2 and 3. People's expectations became huge. It overpowered them, really. Reviewers seemed to really score this game on hype, and for the little that I have played it (about 10 hours... 7 in main story co-op, getting mid way through chapter 3, and the other three in multiplayer), I can't recommend it. There is too little that is new, exciting and overall spectacular. I liked the first Gears, to an extent, and seeing that they set it up for a sequel really didn't make me happy. what happened to, "Were going to create a self contained story in this realm, and if we do well, we will keep the universe, but have fresh ideas and characters?" Resident Evil did this for all of its major installments. Or if you Truly want to create an epic, look at the Shenmue model, and create meticulous story line, with an extreme amount of detail and care for your characters and the dialog.

As a gamer, I am getting sick of these cookie cutter 3rd/1st person shooters and action games. There needs to be innovation, and not gimmicks, like the Wii. REAL innovation. Better storytelling. More immersion.

Am I asking too much? Probably, but explain to me how games that were made in the 16/32-bit eras like the SNES, PSX, N64 and Dreamcast were so much better then what we are playing now?

Joyswag: Gears of War 2 Limited Edition + 120GB Zune + bag + hoodie + MORE (Joystiq)

Nov 8th 2008 10:04PM Gears of War 2: I Can Has Bullits?

Mirror's Edge remix album available to download November 11th (Joystiq Playstation)

Oct 8th 2008 5:10PM I cant wait to hear these remixes.

Something tells me they will be EPIC

Chuck: Chuck vs. the First Date (season premiere) (AOL TV)

Sep 30th 2008 3:21PM I can't agree more. FOTC FTW!

Chuck: Chuck vs. the First Date (season premiere) (AOL TV)

Sep 30th 2008 3:20PM Best song last night (aside from the opening credits):

Foux Du Fafa by Flight of the Conchords.

Too good.

Joyswag: LittleBigBeta code giveaway, day one (Joystiq)

Sep 29th 2008 7:07PM Something original.

What is with people and wangs?

Is there hope for Swingtown? (AOL TV)

Sep 29th 2008 7:04PM No Joke. Whats going on over at Webogs Inc? I heard on TWIiT that they quit paying people.

Weeds: If You Work for a Living, Why Do You Kill Yourself Working? (season finale) (AOL TV)

Sep 16th 2008 3:19PM I am with you. The ENTIRE time she was talking to the gift basket woman, I kept thinking to myself, "How the f*ck is she going to stay alive?"

Was a pregnancy the way to keep her alive? No.
Was it a cop-out for something better? Yes.

I think there should have been either a one hour finale or one more episode, because I think the finale should have gone like this: Nancy get questioned, Nancy comes clean about Estaban, Nancy goes down to Mexico w/ police force, Estaban is out of the picture, Nancy comes home to converse with Silas, Andy and Shane.

Maybe thats just me though.

Fringe: Pilot (AOL TV)

Sep 10th 2008 1:08PM Were you watching in HD?

I saw organs. Lots of them.

If you don't watch HD, of course your not going to see them.

Watching Fringe in SD = Epic Fail.