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Member since: Oct 30th, 2007

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New Google Reader feature ignites privacy debate (Download Squad)

Dec 26th 2007 5:37PM Seriously, what part of "shared items" didn't people understand? Are two-word phrases too complicated now?

I subscribe to nearly 800 RSS feeds, and I can't for the life of me think of a single post I'd be ashamed to admit to having read. What's "private" about this, exactly?

Before, I had to go out of my way to share my shared items. Now, anyone I've approved as a GTalk contact can see them. That's incredibly useful.

If you don't want your shared items to be shared, DON'T SHARE THEM. Star them. Make them private bookmarks.

Paying cash for that iPhone? Not any more. (Download Squad)

Oct 30th 2007 4:16PM Could you use a pre-paid credit card that you purchased with cash?