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Is your Anti-Virus software slowing down your Vista boot time? (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2007 5:06AM I've noticed that VIsta is ridiculously slow. Granted, I bought the lowest-model Dell I could (Inspiron 530 Desktop). Like the name suggests, it performs about as well as a low-spec laptop, but takes up as much room as a tower). I'm not sure the folks at Dell thought this one through. I know it's a cheap PC, but it had Vista pre-installed. There didn't seem to be an option to retro-fit XP, and I wanted to give Vista a whirl anyway. With a single gig of ram, Vista CRAWLS. I removed all the crapware, haven't installed Quicktime, and disabled Realtime's annoying startups. It's running minimum start-ups, and doesn't have the sidebar. The only thing I could do now is switch off Aero (what's the point?). I think Vista should be kept for machines far above Microsoft's supposed minimum spec!

Anyway, what I want to know is whether it will be much better without AVG? Also, are Avast! and other alternatives as secure? What do you reckon?

Zach (

Doodlekit: Easy web page creation and hosting (Download Squad)

Dec 7th 2007 5:18AM Surely Drupal or Joomla would fit this bill? Drupal comes with several standard modules, and their module library makes it easy to add shopping and newsletter systems. Comments, trackbacks, and many more are enabled by default.

Is this much different, or is it just a CMS with a premium (£) side?

Amazon wants you to schedule regular purchases of household items (Download Squad)

Nov 27th 2007 5:15AM I have used delivered shopping quite regularly here in the UK, and have been more or less happy with the service. However, there have been times when it's gone Pete Tong. My lovely wife once ordered five polythene bags of apples instead of five apples, for example. I also made a stew with the smallest cut of beef ever extracted from a cow, and about 12 parsnips. I'm sure you get the picture. The system works fairly well, with the notable and *usually* funny results. Now, however, imagine the headache when the funny mistakes arrive by pallet.

"Oh, where did you want your 38 boxes of instant potatoes? Shall I reverse in the van, or have you got a spare forklift by the dog run?"

Also, imagine, for some reason, you go off eating rice for a month or so. Say you eat a dodgy curry and can't stomach the idea of another spoonful of the old Basmati. What happens when you end up with four or five bags of things you haven't eaten?

I have a recommendation to all those contemplating this service who aren't quite organised enough to have planned the next six months' family dinners: only buy tins in bulk. At least you can donate the three-hundred mixed bean salads to charity if your can-opener breaks.

-Zach (

Hulu private beta launches (Download Squad)

Oct 30th 2007 7:41AM Unfortunately, the HULU embed doesn't work 'in my region' at this time. I live in the UK, and, having moved from the US four years ago, am often frustrated by the limitations. Why, with the global nature of the internet, would content be restricted to particular areas?