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Video: Moab's Hells Canyon conquered... in a Ford Crown Victoria?! (Autoblog)

Mar 30th 2011 12:39PM One of the tough moments from my youth was confessing to my dad that I'd bottomed out our family's Impala wagon while fording a stream. No major harm done; just bent the exhaust a bit.

Top Gear spotted in North Carolina [UPDATE] (Autoblog)

Sep 16th 2010 11:42AM That's it. I live in Knoxville; I'm going to drive my Metro down to the Dragon and slow things up. (I kid! I'd pull over politely for anything Italian that wanted to pass. Richard will just have to wait in his Beetle.)

The greatest truck in America? (Autoblog)

May 29th 2010 8:44PM My dad's '87 Toyota. 275k miles on the original motor, tranny, and clutch. Perfect for beating up in the desert or doing chores. Awesome truck.

Left 4 Dead 2 The Passing news - Major Spoiler Alert! (Big Download)

Mar 20th 2010 2:45PM Which one is the black dude? It's always the black dude (cf Chef in "Die Hippie Die".)

Casio's solar-powered Pathfinder watch plays the green card twice (Engadget)

Mar 19th 2010 6:48AM So the green color is probably the only thing new here. The Pathfinder goes back several years, and this latest model in a variety of colors is probably about 3 years old. I've had a solar Casio since 2001 (not a Pathfinder; much cheaper that way). It's also self-setting; gets the radio signal from the atomic clock every morning and adjusts. So I've had mine for 9 years or so now, and have never needed to set it or put a battery in it.

Anyway, I thought the article was a little misleading. Solar watches are old news. Oh, and to charge it? A charge lasts something like 4 months. A few minutes in the sun or a few hours in artificial light, and it's full. In fact, mine has never indicated less than "high" over its whole life.

Oh, and while I love our mother earth, I didn't buy it for any green bullshit. I bought it because it's awesome.

Google to stop censoring Chinese search results 'soon,' China warns of consequences (Engadget)

Mar 12th 2010 8:30AM @JS Yeah, you might have forgotten about the CIA-backed partisans in Tibet. BBC did an interesting documentary on it. It didn't turn out well; for better or worse, after it was clear they were getting slaughtered, Kennedy killed it. Anyway, point is, CIA-backed resistance is NOT going to overthrow China. More and more exposure to prosperity and Western-style freedom will.