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Recent Comments: is in new, shorter clothes (Download Squad)

Sep 5th 2009 4:33PM I do like which you can put any short url in and it tells you where it takes you. offers simple 24-hour file hosting (Download Squad)

Aug 29th 2009 12:28PM I just did a test file of about 25mb that took about 5 min to upload and it looks like it makes the expiration 24 hours from the time that the upload finished.

Trillian Astra beta goes public, multi-protocol chat for everyone (Download Squad)

Jun 11th 2009 1:35AM I'm liking it so far. I looked at the purchase page and the highlighted features for the pro version didn't even seem that important to me...integrated history viewer, ability to change theme colors, video chat, multiple sign on locations.

I think once my pro trial runs out I'll still be happy with the basic version as long as ads don't start popping up or anything.

I really like the way it handles tabs and the new iChat text format.

Amazon trade-in values lag behind GameStop (Joystiq)

Apr 17th 2009 10:58AM No not at all. I feel the same way. I guess I have a bit of a collector mentality though and just like to see my stack of games grow. I hardly even trade in games that I hate just so my collection looks bigger haha.

Amazon trade-in values lag behind GameStop (Joystiq)

Apr 16th 2009 10:08PM It bothers me that so many people complain about the amount of money trade-in places give you for games. No one is making you trade your games in. Once they give you the total you actually do have the option of saying "No thanks." and taking your games back home with you. If you want to play a game for a little bit and save money, rent them instead of buy them in the first place.

There's also another option, although it takes a little bit more effort, and that is selling on eBay. I used to sell a lot of my newer games on eBay and get significantly more than what I would at GameStop. In the end, we basically just have to come to grips with the simple fact that video games are inherently a bad investment. They depreciate quickly and their utility is almost always short lived.

Being cheap made easier with CAG's new price tracking (Joystiq)

Apr 9th 2009 3:49AM this could come in handy!

Now Playing: March 22-28, 2009 (Joystiq)

Mar 23rd 2009 12:33PM Thank god Totally Spies: Totally Party comes out this week! I've so "totally" been waiting. bahahahaha!

GameStop hosts Halo Wars pre-launch tournament (Joystiq)

Feb 23rd 2009 9:27PM I'm going to go and win the copy.

Then trade it in....for cash.

Mozilla retires Firefox 2 (Download Squad)

Dec 18th 2008 5:37PM I must respectfully disagree with your decision to run Vista in classic mode. It gives you pretty much the same functionality, except it looks like Windows 98. The sidebar isn't transparent and looks tacked on and the start menu still has the search capabilities but it looks so bland. Maybe you like it for higher contrast, but I know it makes me cringe to look at it.

As for FireFox 3, I like the new "awesome bar" and I've only had one extension (Auto Copy) break on me that hasn't been updated yet.

Game addiction rehab now available in Vietnam (Joystiq)

Nov 18th 2008 11:31AM Damn this video is sick! I'm half Vietnamese but I know I'm no where near half as talented as this little champ.