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What's not in Windows 7? Windows Movie Maker, Windows Mail, etc (Download Squad)

Nov 3rd 2008 12:14PM You don't get it brad, the point of unbundling the apps is because they are no longer tied to the operating system so they steadily can be improved & updated over time.

With those apps bundled into Windows they can only be updated by a service pack release and not only that it is confusing to users to have duplicate applications like Windows Gallery and Windows Live Gallery or the messenger that was built into XP but was replaced by Live Messenger.

Unbundling clears the whole mess up and makes a path for Microsoft to you know actually improve those applications which is what users want.

Leopard vs. Vista: feature chart showdown (Engadget)

Oct 28th 2007 5:00AM Mac's cannot play HD-DVD or Blu-ray titles yet somehow they are left off the hook with "HD disc playback (out of the box) category" thats such a load of baloney if you had simply put it as the ability to play HD movies then Vista (hell even XP) would have won that category & we can't have that can we.

(FYI that Macs can play DVD Studio Pro authored HD DVDs which are a super set of HD movie formats not the same as actual HD-DVD's or Blu-ray so it still cannot play those titles no matter which way you slice it)

Or how about the fact that OSX still has no fully GPU accelerated UI Apples infamous Quartz2D Extreme is dead and Apple never implemented it even in Leopard which means Microsoft beat Apple to market with a fully GPU accelerated user interface.