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May 3rd 2010 3:34PM comment

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Jan 29th 2009 10:50AM It's a CDMA version. Duh.

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Jan 20th 2009 10:27AM Pick Me!

At the Top of Google (Download Squad)

Oct 27th 2007 5:43PM Great article Sue!

I think you can't emphasize content enough though. If you want to be at the top of Google for the search term "widgets" you better have alot of content about widgets.

So many times, I see sites that don't have enough content about thier business, and then wondering why they aren't performing well. If only a single page mentions widgets 3 times, it won't be weighted very highly.

One other item that I didn't see was site updates. New pages should be added on a regular basis, a great example of this would be content created to help users get the most out of the product or service you offer. It's easy enough to create 1 article a month highlighting how product A can create greater ROI for situation B. These articles are content and keyword heavy, and will cause the Search Engine spiders to re-index the website more often.