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Mozilla Sunbird 0.7 and Lightning 0.7 calendars released (Download Squad)

Oct 27th 2007 9:37AM I have to take issue with your statement that this tool keeps getting better and better. For version 0.7 they have changed the position of the calendar widget in the mail view so that it now consumes some of the horizontal space in the "Vertical" view. I use all 1920 pixels of horizontal space that I have for mail, thank you very much, and having a plug-in widget stealing some of this for its functionality is completely unacceptable. I could find no way of restoring its position to below the scrollable pane containing my mail accounts and local folders, where the space it used was an acceptable loss, so I have had no choice but to completely uninstall the add-on.

Fortunately, and coincidentally, I have been developing my own calendar widget for websites, and this happens to be in a suitable state for deployment, so I cannot see any reason why I would bother with Lightning again. I already have an Outlook license that I avoid using as part of a deliberate attempt to avoid using software from the convicted Microsoft, (in Europe, anyway), so I really don't care about the Lightning and Sunbird team trying to replicate Outlook.