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Court gives Pirate Bay ten days to scuttle connection to Netherlands (Engadget)

Jul 31st 2009 4:39AM pirates never die, they just fade away...

Amazon remotely deletes Orwell e-books from Kindles, unpersons reportedly unhappy (update) (Engadget)

Jul 31st 2009 4:25AM kinda like from the movie "I, Robot" where the personal bots you think you owned was upgraded remotely without the owner's knowledge.

so, when will SkyNet jump in?

Gmail gets IMAP (Download Squad)

Oct 25th 2007 3:12PM i still don't have IMAP. wifey now have. darn it.

Looking for a few good geeks (Download Squad)

Oct 25th 2007 2:48PM what if you're physically-challenged? can one still apply?