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Intel distributing Thunderbolt developer kits this quarter, more peripherals on the way (TUAW.com)

Apr 13th 2011 12:52PM From wikipedia:
"Any conventional PCI devices and drivers can be used, mainly limited by bandwidth requirements. These include common PCI peripherals such as adapters for ISA, USB, (e)SATA, SCSI, PS/2, serial, parallel, SD, Firewire, Ethernet, Wifi, GPU, Video input, TV input, Audio, PCMCIA, ISA, Expresscard, PCI Expansion boxes and Industrial CompactPCI peripherals."

Pick your external device and get an adapter for it.

External GPU? Yep.

Combined USB/Firewire/Ethernet port? Yep

Old parallel input device? Well, you'd probably have to make your own adapter since the market for this is likely too small, but it's doable.

Imagine a laptop with a single TB port and a power socket.

Commonwealth Bank's Sydney swaps employee Dells for MacBook Airs (TUAW.com)

Mar 25th 2011 2:54PM I love my Macs and OS X (I refuse to put Windows on my family's Macs at home), and my employer gives developers the choice of computer to work on (like most of us here I chose a MacBook Pro), but even I can see that this makes no technological or business sense.

Apple releases Java updates for Leopard and Snow Leopard (TUAW.com)

Mar 8th 2011 5:57PM I also get an iTunes update to 10.2.1 - for syncing with iOS 4.3.

Downloading now.

Flash Player 10.2 now available, boosts video performance and drops PPC support (TUAW.com)

Feb 9th 2011 2:01PM Well, Adobe might finally have fixed Flash. I've been Flash-free for some month now, using HTML5 when I go to YouTube (not missing it for anything else).

Now, Safari shows 30% CPU utilization with the 1080p Speed IMAX HD trailer with HTML5, but 15% with Flash. However, there's a 10 second or so spike in CPU to 200% with Flash, but it settles down.

Verizon iPhone sales broke 500,000 (TUAW.com)

Feb 7th 2011 2:00PM It probably did break all records, but when I think back to other iPhone launches, I remember that analysts always overestimate iPhone launch sales, so when the real numbers come out, the headlines are "iPhone sales lower than expected" ...

I don't think this will be any different.

32 GB versus 32GB: Almost everyone is writing it wrong (TUAW.com)

Dec 16th 2010 6:43PM Pity no one ever thought of adding something to the HTML spec to prevent spaces causing text to wrap. Maybe call it non-breaking space.

Is Apple actually the number one computer maker in the US? (TUAW.com)

Oct 18th 2010 1:40PM Hmmm ... did you actually read my comment? The whole comment? From start to finish?

Is Apple actually the number one computer maker in the US? (TUAW.com)

Oct 18th 2010 12:28PM A car and and a bicycle are both vehicles. That's the level of categorization we're looking at here.

Computer sales numbers include all sorts of computing devices that aren't used as personal computers, such as ATMs, POS systems or locked down business PCs. If they are defined as computers, I don't see how you can't define the iPad as one.

Is Apple actually the number one computer maker in the US? (TUAW.com)

Oct 18th 2010 12:23PM I've been following comments and blogs about the iPad on other tech websites like ArsTechnica and Endgadget. When the iPad was released, the reason for not defining it as a computer was that it was a consumption device only ... you couldn't create anything on it. As more apps have appeared that allow you to create almost anything you want - and although in some cases it would be much easier just to use a computer, you can still use it to eg. create music - the boundary between it and computers has been changed by those who just can't bring themselves to define it as a computer.

Now, it's not a computer because, a) you can't run Flash, b) you can't connect remotely to it, c) it's tethered to a computer, d) it doesn't have a user-accessible file system, d) you can't install whatever OS you want on it, e) you can't install whatever software you want on it, f) you can't print from it.

It's like some people think about what the iPad can't do and make that the basis of the definition of a computer. When Android tablets become common, the same people will be eager to find reasons for defining them as computers.

Now, personally, I'm reluctant to call the iPad a computer, but I can't think of any valid reason why it, or the iPhone or iPod Touch (or by extension the Android phones and upcoming tablets) aren't.

iPhone shipping times drop in the UK, 6 month 0% finance offered (TUAW.com)

Oct 13th 2010 1:22PM Another indication that it's not selling ...

... and no, I'm not serious