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Ask Engadget: What's the best gadgetry South Korea has to offer? (Engadget)

Oct 27th 2007 12:43PM I live in Korea. I have to agree with Katusa (army guy). Yongsan is a great place to visit. I often frequent there. But as he mentioned, the sales representatives are there to get every last penny (10 won). Many, even Korean, often get ripped off.

When you visit, make sure to look around the mall (Space 9) in Yongsan but also leave the mall. There are hundreds of smaller stores that sell anything and everything you can imagine. The best day is on Saturdays because they have street seller as well. They are usually cheaper than the stores.

Now here is my suggestion. Go there one day. Just look around and see what you like. Don't buy anything. Don't even make any offers. Just look. Then go to and find what you are looking for and that site will tell you all the prices of the same product from all the stores at Yongsan. Then you can go back to the store and make them an offer of the lowest price you've seen. This is what I do. I never get ripped off because I know the lowest price that stores can offer. Sometime when people are unwilling to budge, I tell them that I saw this or that price on DANAWA and they usually give me the price that I requested.

For example, Samsung DDR2 2G PC2-5300 ranges from 117,000 won to 56,000 won ($129 to 62). That's a big difference. When you go to the stores without this information, they'll start by charging about $135.

Yes, if you haven't already checked, the site is in Korean. Let me know if you see something you like. I may be able to help you find the price for it.

Technomart is a smaller version of Yongsan mall. If you seen one, you've seen them all. Don't waste your time.

COEX is a cool place to visit. It's one of the largest underground malls. But don't bother looking for gadgets. It's a waste of time. However, they do have Starcraft and Warcraft tournaments there only for ProGamers. I've read that they get about $10,000,000 from winning the games and from sponsers. However, I have to question this amount. There may have been a mixup with the conversation rate.

Give yourself about 2 days to look around Yongsan. After a while you just get tired of walking.

Don't limit yourself to just gadgets. There are many many many places to visit: Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, Apgujeong, Hongdae, Myeongdong, etc.

BTW, what would I pick up? LG-KS20. Unfortunately, they don't sell it yet. Hopefully they'll have it in about 2 or 3 months. Cell phones are the most popular gadgets in Korea.

The second most popular gadgets are mp3 players. You'll see a slew of them at Yongsan.

Some of their hard drive divx players are pretty cool.

LG Notebook are really pretty and not as expensive as Samsung computers.

Well good luck.

Ubuntu tip: Turning Ubuntu into Kubuntu or Xubuntu (Download Squad)

Oct 22nd 2007 5:31PM To install ubuntu, try:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop