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Tablet speculation: How could a tablet connect to the world? (TUAW.com)

Jan 6th 2010 2:11PM A tablet running the iPhone OS to me would be a waste of time... It wont be any easier to type of a 7-8 inch touch screen than it is to type on the iphone and if you limit the table to capabilities of the iPhone OS then it is just a larger screened iPhone. I also think it needs to support a stylus... I have an HP convertible notebook right now and LOVE using OneNote... if the iTablet doesn't have something like OneNote they are wasting their time...

Rhapsody App approved by Apple: 8 million tracks streaming to the ether (update: video!) (Engadget)

Sep 10th 2009 9:43AM Anyone who wants a subscription service for the iphone should go out and get a Zune Pass... then install ORB on your PC running the Zune software... then go get the ORB app for the iPhone... instant streaming of all the music off your Zune software to your iPhone. Plus the Zune pass lets you keep 10 songs a month... really... if you think about it your buying 10 songs a month with your Zune pass at $99/song and paying the other $4.95 for the subscription to the other music... It's really a great deal... plus you dont have to bother syncing up your iPhone all the time...

Sirius XM app now live at the app store (TUAW.com)

Jun 18th 2009 2:52PM Everyone should calm down a little... to assume that Sirius is just about Howard or Sports games is crazy... there are lots of people out there that have Sirius or XM for music (I am not one of them) and some of the other channels out there. For me its worth the monthly fee just to listen to NFL Radio (no games but NFL talk ALL YEAR).

I'm just saying... just because it doesn't have Howard doesn't mean it's not worth anything to anyone... to me this just means I can easily listen to my NFL talk radio on the move!

I'm sure that the main focus here is to head off the home grown sirius apps and to give paying users who have the web subscription another way to listen to Sirius or XM.

Counterpoint: AT&T isn't cheating iPhone 3G customers (TUAW.com)

Jun 15th 2009 1:13PM The biggest problem is not that AT&T is cheating the 3G customers... its cheating all the 3G and 3GS customers by not supporting features like MMS and Tethering...

And really... the form factor of the phone hasn't changed the 7.2 speed 3G isn't really available yet and probably wont be widely availabe through AT&T in most service areas and the 3G owners will get the software updates from the 3.0 OS that really make the big difference.

If you are moving from a 3G to a 3GS you really are only getting a compass (really?? who needs this anyway?) and the ability to record and edit BAD video from the phones camera...

If anything they made it only make sense to NOT upgrade to the new model this year.

Some thoughts on the new Microsoft ads (TUAW.com)

Mar 30th 2009 10:49AM The dirty little truth that Mac users don't want to talk about is the fact that the uptick in there market share directly relates to when they started using Intel hardware and allowing users to put WINDOWS on thier Macs... I would be interested to see how many Macs out there are running Windows....

The other problem is that so many people pit Apple against MS... your just not compairing the same thing... MS doesn't make hardware... they make software that, like it or not, can run on THOUSANDS of different types of hardware... sure they take some heat when some HW vendors don't have the crap together but generally Windows needs to be ALOT more stable than OSX... its probably not that hard to make an OS that runs perfect on less than 10 pieces of equipment. The hardware in a Mac might be "higher-end" or better hardware than consumer products available but all PC manufacturers have business models that are comparable to Mac hardware (probably mostly the same hardware). And the OSX > Windows is really just a preference... I have a new Mac Mini and in OSX I have had tons of crashing problems using normal Apple software... DVD maker crashes ALL THE TIME.

I have a Windows based HP Mobile Workstation that was around $1500 that works like a dream... 4GB mem... NVidia Quatro... Core2Duo T9500... HDMI... much cheaper than an Apple and ROCK SOLID.

Joystiq hands-on: Killzone 2 single-player campaign (Joystiq)

Dec 4th 2008 7:22AM The game looks good but not CRAZY GOOD... Gears 2 easily looks as good as this game... The problem I see is where is the story on Killzone? Is it just an army type shooter? Look at Quake... it eventually died out because it was just a FPS... no good story line to get people hooked into buying the game... Even games like HalfLife are still going strong because of the storeline and peoples interest in sequels. Halo has the same thing going for it... Gears kind of does now... Killzone to me seems like RFOM...

Is this just a really good first party engine with a game thrown in (FarCry anyone)? This isn't a console seller... COD, Gears, LFD, HalfLife, Halo are easily good looking games with good interesting story lines... I dont know anything about Killzone 1... is this a continuation of a storyline or just another army shooter with an updated engine?

What's not in Windows 7? Windows Movie Maker, Windows Mail, etc (Download Squad)

Nov 3rd 2008 11:20AM Plus this allows them to update those programs more frequently as well... It would be nice to get new features in those apps without Windows being updated to SP1 or SP2, etc... with them as Live apps they can be updated whenever they want. GOOD MOVE ALL AROUND