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Mozilla pays 12-year-old $3000 for finding critical vulnerability in Firefox (Download Squad)

Oct 22nd 2010 4:31PM New Headline: Mozilla spends $3000 on publicity stunt

Why is Android such a failure with women? (Download Squad)

Oct 16th 2010 9:25PM ^Completely misses the point.

Why is Android such a failure with women? (Download Squad)

Oct 15th 2010 4:30PM If the way something is marketed affects your purchase decision, then you deserve to be that statistic.

A photo tour of the Mozilla offices in Mountain View, California (Download Squad)

Sep 25th 2010 12:34PM I see they designed the office around bringing your kid to work and having him think your job is cool.

Autodesk wins court case, you officially don't own AutoCAD (Download Squad)

Sep 13th 2010 7:45PM Read before you sign. Problem solved.

Multi-network chat app Trillian now shields users from NSFW and malicious links (Download Squad)

Apr 15th 2010 10:06PM Kinda funny that it would shield you from malicious links and also install unwanted toolbars.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Decade Duels coming to XBLA this spring (Joystiq)

Apr 15th 2010 6:57AM Do you have to purchase the booster packs with real money? That's kinda lame considering you could get cards for free (minus game cost) on the DS.

Rumor: BlazBlue Continuum Shift on leaked Famitsu cover (Joystiq)

Feb 4th 2010 4:55PM Confirmed? We've known about this for the past few months; the game is already completed, and a test version of CS is already leaked for PC.

Download sexy all-glass gadgets for your Vista or Windows 7 desktop (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2010 3:55PM Meh.. The clock and cpu/ram gauges aren't glassy.

Squibble portable Braille interface is clever, beautiful (Engadget)

Dec 12th 2009 7:10PM Can you get it in pretty colors?