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LED traffic lights don't melt snow, do cause accidents (Engadget)

Dec 17th 2009 1:23PM I'm wondering if maybe you couldn't replace every third or fifth or n-th LED with something a little "hotter" in order to ameliorate the condition. In fact, if you pattern it as "X" for red, "--" for yellow, and " O" for green then you are ensured of visibility as well as color-blindness differentiation.


Nokia N900 now shipping in the land of Ford freedom trucks (Engadget)

Nov 25th 2009 9:00AM @Geozec : it's beta. lack of portrait modes for key tasks, MMS support, all point to beta or RC1 at best. There's a precedent for this, it's called Android 1.0 to NY: No tax dollars for you! (Download Squad)

May 14th 2008 3:55PM don't be ridiculous. this isn't overstock's fight to have. by directly affecting NY constituency, overstock is forcing the issue correctly.

put it another way. NY voted in the winners who enacted the law, so it's their responsibility to get it repealed. this is a consequence of an action, and a good one. in fact, this is how ALL unfair taxes/fees should be handled: refusal to do business.


HTC Advantage X7510 gets unboxed, still baffles us (Engadget)

May 5th 2008 10:01AM If you own a Dell Axim x50v and a Nokia 3650, for example, you like this because you can ditch two devices for one device. You get a phone, plus a modern PDA, with web browsing and the ability to edit your sync'd documents, play games, read PDFs, etc.

You can't use a Nokia N95 to handle Excel spreadsheets like a PDA can. So that's out.

The iPhone doesn't have the apps. Out.

Where this device does fall down is lack of GPS, detachable kbd. The kbd is admittedly too weird, and modern smartphones/PDAs need the GPS radio.


Yahoo! "Unlimited" email has a limit after all (Download Squad)

Apr 8th 2008 7:36PM ...what? This is news? This should be filed under, "Deliberate attempt by douchebags to point out obscure flaw in order to say 'Nyah nyah'".

55k messages in one folder and it crashes? Good. Natural selection works in the digital realm too. You shouldn't be allowed to have email if you can't sort it.

Trapster: mobile utility locates speed traps (Download Squad)

Apr 4th 2008 1:28PM cops already know about this, and guess what? they send out fake alerts all day to kill time. the joke's on anyone relying on this... but hey, it makes for real entertainment!

Flipping the Linux switch: Installations are disturbingly easy (Download Squad)

Mar 17th 2008 8:04AM Eric: "And yet, There are 5 different UBUNTU OS's. What truly is the difference between XU, UB, and KU?"

Windows manager/ GUI. Some default pkgs. That's it.

"Is it simply themes? Does KDE vs GNOME really make a difference in operability, functionality or is it just fancy jargon? Are there less programs available at startup?"

No. No, somewhat, no. Splunge.

"I am interested in a dual-boot laptop but am worried about not being able to use my Bluetooth and having to search for compatible drivers for my printer, scanner and ESPECIALLY my Wi-Fi card which is Draft N."

Well, search the manufacturer sites for Linux drivers of existing h/w first, and copy them down to your HDD before installing. In your case I'd assemble a probable list of drivers before jumping in.

And, I'd partition my HDDs before installing Ubuntu. I'm a vet of these installs, but I just encountered a "grub error 18" on a home machine that had me backtracking all afternoon Sunday. That sucked, and the workarounds sucked.


TotalEdit 4.1: Text editor for programmers (Download Squad)

Feb 26th 2008 9:14AM SPEdit is the best text editor ever made.

Textpad is what I use because I can't afford a $300 copy of SPEdit.

eReader Pro for Palm and Windows Mobile is now free (Download Squad)

Feb 19th 2008 8:56AM dude, mobiPocket works on your S60. It works everywhere except Motorola RAZR phones, which suck by the way. Go get it, it's free free free.


TG's LLUON Crystal reminds us that mini PCs can be sexy, too (Engadget)

Dec 27th 2007 11:52AM It is designed to sit next to your home theater receiver, so you can hook it to your HDTV. It lacks the requisite TV in/outputs, so as usual, it looks like it belongs and really doesn't. Much like today's programmer.