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Blogger turns 10, now Google wants to make (more) money from it (Download Squad)

Jun 18th 2009 7:05PM Maybe this is´t such a big deal, but i hope the blogger crew is still working on improves for their system... 'cause there´s lot to do

I´ve been praying for years for a good comments manage system.

Nine Inch Nails to record labels: so long and thanks for nothing (Download Squad)

Oct 9th 2007 7:11PM I think it´s both things, it´s obviously that Radiohead and NIN doesn´t really need more money, that´s why they can do so easily things like this, but i´m sure they also have the intention to change the panorama of the music industry.

Ask Metallica if they have the intention of doing something like this someday...

I really don´t think so...