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Microsoft Drops IE8 Beta 2 - First Impression (Download Squad)

Aug 27th 2008 10:50PM acid3 test score=21... FAILED.
JS benchmarks x10 slower than ff3
still png images dont work as they should...
we still need to use filters for opacity.
the goal is to be css 2.1 compliant... while ff3 and safari are aiming at css 3.
The same js debugger, just embedded into the browser.

Colored tabs!!! WTF...

for me it fails....

Happy birthday: take a trip in America's largest flying gadget (part 2) (Engadget)

Mar 24th 2008 5:25PM The best airline in the us... the only ones that know how to make happy the engadget readers... happy 4th birthday

San Francisco reader meetup details, note: location has changed! (Engadget)

Oct 9th 2007 1:34AM I'll be there... i was going to the gym in ucsf but i'll be happy to be there... and of course i'll be early... :)