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Headed to SXSW in Austin! (Mike Jones Blog)

Mar 12th 2007 3:18PM 6th Street of course! But if you are at all a cook, you have to go to the Whole Foods there - it's the world headquarters (where stockholders show up to see the concept)'ve never seen more opulence in a grocery store and they have stuff you can't get anywhere else.

Netscape Video Launches (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Sep 13th 2006 9:34PM Well since you're asking...I wish someone would take user authorized profile info in blogs (AOL spaces)(or Myspace) and do some automated compatibility matchmaking - but in the sense that there's presence detection when someone compatible (for whatever reason) is also on AIM or Userplane (a la Myspace) at the same time or by using LBS solution for the cell(GPS enabled Helio/Myspace)example. I thought AOL had this at one very short time - what happened to it? Doesn't AOL have a cell service too?

Even though Facebook users had a major hissy with the "OMG my friends instantly knew when I changed my profile" issue, I think there were 10X more people who welcomed the automation. - seriously, if you don't want people to know you broke up, don't change your friggen profile!

Rumor Alert: AOL to attempt MySpace assault (Download Squad)

Apr 21st 2006 12:23PM Vorobushek...what did you invent?