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O2 pay-as-you-go iPhone plans announced, un-announced (

Jun 27th 2008 3:57AM That 'omitted pricing' page, is just what has been up for a while now. So they obviously were doing some updates, and the priced site probs was a test/fail of some kind.

How to get a custom email address without registering a domain (Download Squad)

Jun 10th 2008 9:26AM Ive always used, i had needer pop3, so went for the premium account, which works out alot cheaper than most providers over here in the uk.

Ask TUAW: VPN, Entourage, TOSLINK, location manager, and more (

Apr 27th 2008 12:36PM Hi, double question for next week.

running G5 powermac/leopard

1. Im wanting to hook up a second display, however im somewhat puzzled by the apple dvi connector, i thort there was an adapter for this that makes it into standard dvi, but i cant find one?

2. Sometimes just as the computer is powering off, it hangs than the fans continue to get louder and louder, till i have to reset it manually??

Thanks in advance!

MobiBLU launches the Cube3 towards Earth (Engadget)

Apr 8th 2008 3:45AM If they made it so each side was a full touch screen! then it wud be coolio

Ask TUAW: Xbox 360 and PS3 networking, extracting DVD audio, JVC video files, and more (

Apr 7th 2008 3:24AM Hi, question for next week. I work at a printworks, and often we get alot of images in, that are large sizes, but low res. and normally RGB. This is useless for printing. Basically ive seen many batch convertors etc. But none that will both resize, and convert an image to CMYK! If you could help, it would be very usefull. Pls note, the CMYK bit is an important bit!

Thanks in advance

Ask TUAW: Migration questions, saving disk space, making audiobooks and more (

Mar 21st 2008 7:36AM Hi, question for next week - im going to be hooking up a second monitor to my powermac G5 (running leopard) and i want to be able to easily switch it from landscape to portrait mode, via a keyboard shortcut or something simple and quick? Also Will any monitor be able to be rotated or do i need a specific make/model? Thanks in advance!

Ask TUAW: Syncing from a portable to a desktop Mac, battery comparisons, Apple TV to NAS, iPhone SDK and more (

Mar 9th 2008 6:45AM yes, i often have a dual screen set up, where im watching a dvd on one, but want to continue using my mac on the other. any answers on this one would be great!

To buy AppleCare or not? (

Mar 6th 2008 10:21AM I bort applecare on my macbook for only £58, special offer for Students! £58, u cant go wrong, its bout $29 for all u merrycans out there.

Ask TUAW: Reducing distractions, sharing drives, Activity Monitor, winmail.dat and more (

Mar 5th 2008 9:11AM i have the same kinda set up, except i have two macs running thru one monitor using vga and dvi.
What i do, is go into the system pref for displays, and set the display to mirror, this way the display is still sending info to the tv, but it will be a distorted version of whats on ur mac. hope this helps.