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Rumor Alert: AOL to attempt MySpace assault (Download Squad)

Oct 11th 2008 12:06PM Peter,

This week I'll email you.....
Ok, it's 885 days or so after your post..... :-)


Rumor Alert: AOL to attempt MySpace assault (Download Squad)

Apr 20th 2006 6:12PM A MySpace killer?
I hope so. MySpace has some huge limitations comparing whats on MY desk, and I am pretty sure that even the new AOL MySpace Killer will be less than what I invented. :-)
Not Joking, days before the dot-com crash in 2000 we aquired 6.000.000 USD for a project that you can see as a kind of Myspace avant la lettre.... Only the dot-com crash killed our project :-(
In the past 5-6 years I developped the idea further and have developped a project that is a REAL killer since it goes far far far beyond what MySpace does, and.... its a dream, a gorgeous wet dream for marketers WITHOUT ANNOYING the members :-) My project solves problems, add t-o-t-a-l new features..... and is attractive to everyone and everything.
The only problem is on this moment funding. As always.
But here in tiny Belgium the possibilities are a bit smaller, but I try to find new investors.
I hope AOL (and others) have not invented the same as I did :-))). There is still hope.....

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