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Microsoft allowing PC makers to offer XP downgrade from Vista (Download Squad)

Sep 22nd 2007 2:31AM How many years has MicroStuff been sell it's "beta"
OS to us ... this is no suprise to me after XPs rollout and the problems it had there is no way I will upgrade to VISTA until it has been out for 3 years.
Hardware is not the issue its the software, MS has conspired with notable companies like AutoDesk maker of various CAD programs so that their new programs won't run on anything but VISTA and if you are using an earlier version that runs into a glitch in XP MS send you a message saying the CAD program is no longer supported and that you should upgrade to VISTA. This is an out right lie because AutoDesk says they do support 2007.
Conditions must be very sad at MS because they gave QWEST MSN and HOTMAIL.