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Why I'm nervous about the new X-Files movie (AOL TV)

Jul 21st 2008 3:34PM I hear ya, the early reviews say its one of the worst films of 2008..sigh...

Generation Kill: The Cradle of Civilization (AOL TV)

Jul 21st 2008 5:49AM i love this show so far, simon and burns are simply brilliant.

Sci Fi Channel is "nuts" for Jericho (AOL TV)

Jan 23rd 2008 1:01PM cool news, i was pleased with the first 3 episodes of season 2, they came back with guns blazing.

POLL: Early Response to 'Speed Racer' (Cinematical)

Dec 7th 2007 2:44PM I never watched the toon, but im gonna go check out this movie in digital if possible.

It looks like a perfect flick to smoke or eat some "magic brownies" and watch. perfect stoner eyecandy

With Last Night's Major Development, How Do You Make a Sopranos Movie? (Cinematical)

May 15th 2007 2:04PM it was in the title assholes, only morons would make that would think the cocksmokers who run this site would know better...

Joost releases "Now For Friends" edition (Download Squad)

May 10th 2007 4:27AM id send everyone an invite if the damn program would even launch...

check their forums, you should wait for another release, this 10.2 seems to be cursed with many problems

Joost releases "Now For Friends" edition (Download Squad)

May 9th 2007 6:08PM I was excited to try Joost after receiving an invite. Im already having issues connecting and playing videos. Atleast 50 software crashes in just the first 2hrs of using...hmmm

im also seeing alot of talk about having to port forward,etc to get it working properly...Ive tried all of the tweaks and im still unable to watch more than 5 seconds of a show before it hangs. I think the port forward issue will continue to cause issues for the average computer user.

Ridley Scott Will Join Russell Crowe in 'Nottingham' (Cinematical)

Apr 30th 2007 2:04PM this sounds very interesting. Im anxious to see the the concept art,etc. Ridley will make it look wonderful no doubt

Time Bandits still holds up, love that flick