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Ask DLS: What free apps would you like to share with Karen? (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2008 2:24PM Yeah, but it is open source.

Ask DLS: What free apps would you like to share with Karen? (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2008 9:07AM firefox
google talk

Those are three I can't live without.

Teacher confiscates Linux CDs, claims no software is free (Download Squad)

Dec 10th 2008 2:18PM I wonder which wiki article she found herself on while "researching"...

Joyswag: PlayStation 3 (40GB) (Joystiq)

Jun 16th 2008 5:50PM I just hop on over to gamestop. I would love to have an alternative, but in Oklahoma, there is no option.

VLC on the iPhone and iPod Touch? Yep (Download Squad)

Jun 5th 2008 3:34PM That is kind of an issue with Apple all together. They have done well at, finally, letting go of what DRM was. But when you buy Apple products you are buying just that, Apple. There is no way to truely get what you need, if it isn't made by Apple, without voiding your warrenty. I don't like this method, but enough people apparently disagree with me and feel as though it is no big deal.

Joyswag: Win Grand Theft Auto IV on your platform of choice (Joystiq)

May 1st 2008 12:38PM I would enjoy a copy for the 360. (Mainly because that is the system I own. *wink* *wink*)

I blew my 60 bones on a prostitute, who did her thing. Then, I beat her up and got my money back, and went on a bender of booze and groping innocent animals.

Either that or I spent it on gas. Mucho Denero por mi la Chevy.

Choose which story you think is best. I trust you.

Joyswag: Win our GDC swag (Joystiq)

Feb 28th 2008 12:24PM I would have to say the most important thing, for me, would be the announcement of GoW2 or the fact that Portal got what it deserved at the "Developies"... if that is a term.

Joyswag: Win this $5K dollar gaming rig from Falcon Northwest (Joystiq)

Nov 27th 2007 11:33AM This is my daily reminder that I am still wanting to win this rig. I have no rig to speak of and enjoy winning other rigs, it is my official hobby. Not winning is my only weakness though. If you kill me through my only weakness, thousands (or atleast my mother) will rise up to take my place. You may kill me, but you will never kill the passion of winning cool things.

MTV Games hints at next big thing; announcement coming soon (Joystiq)

Nov 26th 2007 6:51PM I am confused, why is it something do with music? I mean they are MTV after all and haven't been about music for 10 years. Except for those of us that are up in between the hours of 5 and 8 in the morning, when does anyone see music on MTV??

My point exactly.

Joyswag: Win this $5K dollar gaming rig from Falcon Northwest (Joystiq)

Nov 26th 2007 12:43PM The useless device that is wasting space in my house is my old PS1. It never worked right to begin with and I never threw it out. So, it is just sitting there. Glaring at me, shouting, "This is what bad decisions on video game purchases can do to you!"... *sniffle*