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Killzone 3's multiplayer on PSN as standalone free-to-play game next week (Joystiq)

Feb 24th 2012 10:07AM Great idea. If I didn't already have the game I'd def jump on it.

Catch Mewtwo in Pokemon White and Black starting on Feb. 12 (Joystiq)

Jan 26th 2012 2:19PM My Mewtwo w/ Hyper Beam >>>>>>>> All Else

Skyrim is 2011's most-played game, according to Raptr (Joystiq)

Dec 9th 2011 11:34AM @eat it: Yea I don't believe Skyrim has more hours logged in than Black Ops.

Tactical light, other fixes in Dec. 6 Battlefield 3 PC patch (Joystiq)

Dec 5th 2011 11:01AM Still no MUTE option?!! Great game, but i think its crazy we don't have the option (on PS3 at least) to mute individuals rather than turning off all chat.

EFF working to make console modding legal (Joystiq)

Dec 2nd 2011 11:29AM I'm ok with this as long as modding doesn't lead to how PS3 modding led to MW2 getting destroyed.

Protip: GamePro gives up on print and online (Joystiq)

Nov 30th 2011 4:41PM Inevitable really. Good reading tho back in the day tho. I had a subscription with them for YEARS.

Kojima on MGS5: 'We'll probably have to make it at some point' (Joystiq)

Nov 21st 2011 2:28PM Kojima's priority needs to be ZOE3. Allow him to devote as much effort to ZOE3 as he did to MGS games in the past.

DICE plans to fix Battlefield 3's magic tactical light (Joystiq)

Nov 14th 2011 3:43PM Well it looks like I have no use for the Tact Light anymore, back to the Reddot

This reminds me of the Dual Model 1887s in MW2 before they got nerfed. Godlike at first, everyone used them, then after the nerf they became rare.

Call of Duty Elite still 'intermittent,' annual memberships bumped to 13 months (Joystiq)

Nov 10th 2011 3:42PM @Dizazter: Activision will have a new COD out by then and your membership will probably apply to that game as well.

Walmart Black Friday: Batman, Battlefield 3 $28 each, blue Wii $99 (Joystiq)

Nov 10th 2011 10:14AM @NPTran23: Yea I like the 10pm idea because as soon as I saw Batman AC for $28 I thought "Wow I'd def wait outside at 4am for that". Walking in at 10 pm is much better to me.