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Windows 7 system requirements: You can probably run it (Download Squad)

May 2nd 2009 3:15AM I'm using it successfully on an Asus EEEPC 900: it starts in 29 seconds and works surprisingly well. It occupies the entire disk on that netbook in its full version but it's great!

5 disposable email services with RSS support (Download Squad)

Nov 25th 2008 4:10AM I used Mint Email (www.mintemail.com) since it was the only one I knew... I'll test the others, thanks

Linux-style window dragging in Windows with AltDrag (Download Squad)

Nov 13th 2008 8:49AM MoveMe is 30Kb, uses less ram than AltDrag (a little bit more than WinMover maybe) and allows you to move, hide/show, resize and center any dialog or window on screen. And it's portable, of course. Lovely.

11 great free portable apps for blogging on the go! (Download Squad)

Nov 9th 2008 6:27PM I've tried 2 or 3 different apps to work on my USB key... my fave is now Zoundry Raven: http://www.zoundryraven.com

NetSetMan Makes Managing Windows Network Settings Easy (Download Squad)

Sep 16th 2008 10:12AM I wrote about this app when you ask for USB software two weeks ago. I'm glad to see it's the second time you appreciate my advices :)))))))

24 Killer Portable Apps For Your USB Flash Drive (Download Squad)

Sep 2nd 2008 6:56PM NetSetMan

It's one of the most useful piece of software I've tried on my USB key. The very first time you have to install it on a machine but then you can simply copy the folder on an USB stick and it works.
NetSetMan is a network settings manager which can easily switch between 6 different profiles, each with its IP address, DNS server, default printer, etc. etc. (and since you can move the folder you can simply copy it twice to have 12, 18, 24 or more different profiles).
There's a paid version, but the free one will surely satisfy all your needs.

Apart from NetSetMan, my most used portable apps are Pidgin (IM), Screamer (Radio), MoveMe (utility), GIMP, Skype (it's really easy to make it portable), Zoundry Raven (blogging tool), Rainlendar, JKDesfrag (tool) and the Google apps online (Gmail, Calendar and Docs).

Get the party started with your own mixes. (Download Squad)

Jul 13th 2008 6:09AM Wow! Thanks to you!
I'm glad to read you were intrigued by a comment I've made on your site... You have made me proud to be one of your readers.
As I wrote in the other post, I think MixMeister is the best option to create a mixed CD at home (even if you can use it live) because you can take all your time to analyze the whole audio spectrum and work on it... My best option to play live is Traktor, but MixMeister is a great piece of software (an btw it support a lot of VST plugins to add effects and so on).
Thanks again guys! :)

VirtualDJ - mixing music with your eyes (Download Squad)

Jul 10th 2008 6:10PM I've tried many many mixing softwares so I can share my experience. Even if VirtualDJ is very popular now (thanks to some bundles with USB audio cards or decks) my absolutely fave are Traktor for mixing live and MixMeister to create mixed CDs at home. Really, they beat all the others by far.

Supercharge your file renaming tasks with WildRename (Download Squad)

Apr 30th 2008 5:43PM May I suggest you Bulk&Rename?
Have a look here: http://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/