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Soon, you'll have to pay for Hulu (DailyFinance)

Jun 4th 2009 1:08PM @MICKEY -- aol doesn't own and operate hulu, news corp. and nbc universal do. (jon miller was formerly at aol, now is at news corp)

Reminder: call for bloggers! (Weblogs, Inc.)

Oct 7th 2005 4:41PM Jess -- we do our best to get back to folks ASAP -- within a few days, if not before! Update: Please understand that this isn't always possible, especially now that the submission volume has radically increased! Matt -- check here. Jared -- yes, we should. ;)

Gobby, a cross-platform collaborative editing environment (Download Squad)

Sep 27th 2005 7:21AM Done -- thanks for pointing that out!

Microsoft celebrates 30 years as a business, 20 years of Windows (Download Squad)

Sep 27th 2005 12:40AM i. love. that. photo. Classic! Too good!!

Google launches Blog Search (Download Squad)

Sep 14th 2005 4:48AM The language feature is also cool -- you can itemize an Advanced Search by any of 35 different languages (default is to show all). Some of the "related blogs" results are a little bit wonky, though -- they seem to be prioritizing terms in blog titles really heavily, which a) isn't necessarily always relevant and b) is just begging to be spammed.

Zimbra: Open source webmail and calendar suite gives Gmail a run for its money (Download Squad)

Sep 12th 2005 6:30PM The AJAXian goodness of this interface is quite sweet. The integration between email and calendar is awesome, and in general the integration of information you've always thought should be integrated is here (e.g. phone numbers in emails get a contextual menu to make Skype calls -- brilliant). I love that you can mouse over bits of data like dates (even relative dates like "tomorrow" or "next Tuesday") and get tooltip-type summaries of relevant information like what's on the calendar for that day, which means less switching between interfaces, which means incremental time saved. Score!

My Google Talk Mac wish list (

Aug 24th 2005 8:06PM here's my Google Talk Mac wishlist: a frickin' MAC CLIENT already!! Jeez. The long version of the rant lives here: and includes a rather winning quote from you, Laurie. ;)

Google Talk Review (Download Squad)

Aug 23rd 2005 11:19PM it's live now -- This message came over the servers at 11:14pm EST: "The broken link has been fixed. Thanks for being our first users!"