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Video: Lexus uses the LFA to teach a swimsuit supermodel about donuts (Autoblog)

Feb 16th 2011 2:34AM I don't know...they both kinda have butterfaces.

Turkish taxi of tomorrow design beats Nissan, Ford proposals among New Yorkers [w/video] (Autoblog)

Feb 16th 2011 2:29AM It only seats three passengers? One of the guys on a double date will get lucky in the cab, when his date has to sit on his lap.

Rumormill: BMW could launch 13 front-wheel-drive vehicles by 2016 (Autoblog)

Feb 3rd 2011 1:25PM As much as I think this is wrong, I can think of one GREAT thing about this -- it will be way easier to tell who the Bimmer poseurs are vs. the real enthusiasts.

Currently, to make this determination, you have to look inside to see if it has an automatic transmission. In the future, you will see that the poseurs buy the FWD cars because they don't really care about driving dynamics, only the Roundel on the hood. The FWD versions will be cheaper and get better fuel mileage than their RWD counterparts, so the poseurs will have no reason to buy the RWD models.

-E46 M3 6-speed owner

Senna documentary debuts at Sundance (Autoblog)

Jan 28th 2011 12:07PM I was at Sundance last weekend. Too bad it wasn't playing then, I would have definitely gone to see it!!

Rumormill: BMW considering M3 Sportswagon (Autoblog)

Jan 27th 2011 9:09PM Can you do that anyways, even if they do build it? You know, for the 5-GT and X6.

Rumormill: BMW considering M3 Sportswagon (Autoblog)

Jan 27th 2011 9:00PM You would think BMW would test the waters with a 335i (not ix) sportwagon first. With M3 Sedan sales lower than expected, I can't see an M3 wagon selling well either (unfortunately). I think the reason is that for more sensible folks who want a sports sedan or wagon opt for the 335 instead because it satisfies enough of their speed demon needs and at a lower price point. But if BMW wants to build a M3 vagen, I'll be right behind them!

Report: Sirius considering rate increase to $12.95/month (Autoblog)

Jan 26th 2011 5:56PM I agree. It sounds like a really bad MP3. I bought a head unit with built-in HD Radio tuner and the sound quality is better than radio and FREE! HD Radio tuners should be standard issue by now.

Pagani Huayra makes its official web debut (Autoblog)

Jan 25th 2011 8:22PM Good eye. That is probably the key though.

Pagani Huayra makes its official web debut (Autoblog)

Jan 25th 2011 8:17PM Did Pagani let Spyker design the interior? It is not good looking at all. Exterior is not great either, especially those curved spoke wheels. I guess after you create the Zonda, it's all downhill after that.

Should left turns be illegal? (Autoblog)

Jan 14th 2011 3:59PM When I went to NJ I hated the jughandles and poor signage (East of Philly area). They also had a couple traffic circles, which I don't mind but am nervous about other drivers not knowing how to use them.