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Adobe Acrobat bug more dangerous than originally thought (Download Squad)

Mar 5th 2009 6:53PM does it also make your acrobat change to Spanish?

MacBook rumors swirling: glass trackpads, custom chipsets, ponies, ice cream (Engadget)

Jul 28th 2008 10:51PM @Khattab
Actually, the CPU is responsible for playing videos, which is why they work so well. Graphics are mainly for gaming, which is why it doesn't do that well.

Microsoft release Office Mobile 6.1 (for real this time) (Download Squad)

Nov 29th 2007 4:08PM I have WM5, but it says my build is too old. Anyone know how to update it?

Vista gadgets to run on Windows Mobile 6 (Download Squad)

Feb 27th 2007 8:19PM Hmm, sounds like windows beats mac at this.

J.D. Power reports Toyota ranks highest in customer retention (Autoblog)

Dec 6th 2006 8:02PM I never expected Hummer to have such a high retention rate. Who buys two Hummers?

TRENDnet's TS-1300W and TS-1300 NAS enclosures (Engadget)

Sep 26th 2006 7:07PM The reason most companies dont make wifi NAS is that the point of them is for DATA TRANSFER. Is it really that hard to put a tiny little box next to your router? Most wifi routers include 4 wired ports, and under even optimal conditions, wired is better than wireless.

Zune phone en route (Engadget)

Sep 14th 2006 6:49PM OO, i love fake stuff. Especially when they forget to speakers and a mic.

VIDEO: Smart vs. Ferrari (Autoblog)

Sep 8th 2006 4:42PM Why?

The smart is about as aerodynamic as a brick.