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Square-Enix announces end of Final Fantasy XIV's free play and roadmap for next year (Massively)

Oct 14th 2011 10:58AM On second thought...

They really should just take the existing assets and create an offline game with them. Similar to how they've made FF10-2 and FF13-2 with existing assets from the first games in those sets.

They could use a gameplay system similar to FF12.

Square-Enix announces end of Final Fantasy XIV's free play and roadmap for next year (Massively)

Oct 14th 2011 10:41AM Judging by their timeline, it sounds like they're going to start charging fees BEFORE version 2.0 hits. The timeline goes something like this:

- Winter 2011: Start charging fees, more updates
- Winter 2012: PS3 version released
- "Sometime after PS3 version launches": Rework in-game maps, UI and system (this sounds like where "Verizon 2.0" kicks in)

So we're basically not going to see "Version 2.0" until early 2013. But they're going to start charging for Version 1.x-with-patches this year.

Patch 1.19 delayed for Final Fantasy XIV (Massively)

Sep 28th 2011 3:40PM Hmmm... if the game stays free-to-play, with no subscription fees, that pretty much relieves them of the problem they had with Microsoft and Xbox Live.

A 360 release is inevitable if they decide to even bother with a PS3 release.

The Daily Grind: Has an MMO made you sentimental? (Massively)

Jun 1st 2011 9:35AM I'm sentimental over Final Fantasy XI. Not my first MMO, but the first I've really gotten into.

However, I just can't bring myself to play it again. I've tried on and off (including just last month) but it just doesn't hold me anymore. Good memories, but it's shown its age. FFXI has the unmatched music, the story... but the gameplay is so rough, slow and lacking in other players.

The only other MMO I like is WOW (which I currently play, but casually). Have tried FFXIV and Rift, neither are doing it for me.

Square Enix unveils Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection: Abyssea Edition (Massively)

May 17th 2011 2:54PM From the same dictionary they get their definition of "Final" from...

Activision Blizzard: RIFT players will come back to WoW (Massively)

May 11th 2011 8:53AM That's exactly why most MMOs DON'T have a trial period (and WoW does). They get most of their revenue from curious types, not long-term subscriptions. If people had 2 weeks to try Rift, they probably wouldn't cancel their WoW subscription (just put it on hold) and probably wouldn't pay to play Rift past the trial.

The same thing happened with DC Universe online. All hype, and a $50 box price tag. Terrible game. And let's not mention the SOE fiasco.

Sony still investigating scope of PSN attack as maintenance outage enters Day 6 (Joystiq)

Apr 25th 2011 3:06PM Sony must be loving the fact that the fanbase all thinks it's Anonymous' fault that PSN is down.

Now any incompetence on Sony's part can be blamed on a group of script kiddies while they play the victim card.

Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version response will determine fate of full game (Joystiq)

Apr 22nd 2011 11:03AM If Capcom were serious about this demo, then MegaMan would be playable, not the chick.

Miyamoto talks Super Mario 3DS, hints at the raccoon's return (Joystiq)

Apr 22nd 2011 9:37AM Cape:
Dive Bomb Attack
Endless Flying
Longer attack range

Tanooki Suit:
Useless Statue Form
Limited Flight
Short attack range (tail)

Cape wins

PSN 'down for maintenance' in North America and Europe [update] (Joystiq)

Apr 21st 2011 10:46AM Sony even admits it's unshceduled maintenance, yet the fanbase keeps crying "Anonymous!!!!"

They've got you all well-trained.