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Mozilla releases pre-alpha web browser for the HTC Touch Pro (Download Squad)

Feb 11th 2009 9:25AM I was able to bring up an address bar by dragging my finger up. But I am still unable to bring up ANY sites. Even the About:firstrun does nothing. A whole lot of checkerboxes :( and it seems like that is what everyone elses experience is as well.

Anyone get it to work?

Mozilla releases pre-alpha web browser for the HTC Touch Pro (Download Squad)

Feb 11th 2009 9:20AM Hey that's my phone!

I am downloading it as I am typing.... 9mb cab...Done!

Installing now... Its taking its time to install. It is going on 2 minutes now.

Ok done now I am Running it... Cute little firefox icon.

Um ok all I have now is a checkerboxed screen that says welcome to on top

, no menu items, just an x in the upper right hand corner. I am going to try a soft reset.

Pretty disapointing so far! I will post more on http://www.asktheadmin.com when and IF I can get Fennec running!

HTC ships first batch of Touch Diamond handsets (Engadget)

May 30th 2008 3:29PM So how long before these guys are on eBay? And for how much? I copped my Dopod C730 as an import and have been enjoying hsdpa on ATT for over a year now.

I really likey HTC!

Totlol provides vids for kids, adults cringe a little bit (Download Squad)

May 27th 2008 11:19AM The only reason sites like this pop up is due to parents laziness. As Jay stated parents SHOULD be watching over the young-ins shoulder and not let them fly on their own. BUT that only happens a small percentage of the time and a lot of parents wind up leaving the kid in front of the machine on their own.

For them it is better than nothing... right?

Torrent2exe turns any torrent file into a single-source BitTorrent client (Download Squad)

May 14th 2008 9:02AM Anyone else have it hang on connecting to tracker? It builds the folder structure and stands on 0% and connecting to tracker?

Anyone get this to work?

Google Friend Connect: a social network for every site (Download Squad)

May 13th 2008 8:42AM So I wasn't the only one who thought the guacamole demo was strange... I couldn't look away!

Telnet "hack" allows for network remote control of TiVo (Engadget)

May 2nd 2008 11:59AM The funny thing is that Zatz works for Sling Media!

Adobe AIR for Linux alpha released (Download Squad)

Mar 31st 2008 11:20AM I have been patiently waiting for this! Thanks for the heads up. Keep up the great work from your friends @ http://www.askTheAdmin.com

Vista SP1 ships next week, Windows 7 in 2010 (Download Squad)

Mar 13th 2008 2:36PM Thanks Brad! I was away for a bit in January must have missed it - but it never found its way on to the interwebs or at least it didn't come around my neck of the woods.

Has anyone out there in DownloadSquad land played with Seven yet??? I have a few questions for ya!

Vista SP1 ships next week, Windows 7 in 2010 (Download Squad)

Mar 13th 2008 1:48PM Yup confirmed that link goes to the original story on SoftPedia whats with the by line going to Engadget?

Where is that screenshot for Seven from? Inquiring minds NEED to know! Come on put us on!

Karl Gechlik | http://www.askTheAdmin.com