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Man hits 1M miles in Ford F-250... in four years (Autoblog)

Oct 26th 2010 4:13PM You forget that family is nowhere near as important to some as it is to others.

I loved not having to deal with family and having a built in excuse to avoid or miss any family functions. As long as I had company or a working cell phone, I was fine in solitude most of the time.

Man hits 1M miles in Ford F-250... in four years (Autoblog)

Oct 26th 2010 4:07PM 700 miles a day is NOT unreasonable once you have built up the endurance. 70MPH for 10-11 hours is perfectly doable. I have personally done 650 miles in a single day in 10 hours. That's right. I did not stop. Professional drivers can condition themselves to not stop for much longer periods than Ma and Pa Kettle going to see the grand kids.

At 70MPH, driving 7 days a weeks, he's putting on 4900 miles a week if limits himself to a 10 hour day. That also makes his claims of recording upto 10,000 miles a week at times plausible. It would require driving an average of 20.5hrs a day. I've met more than one trucker who could/would do that if they were not bound by DOT regulations.

At 4900 miles a week, 254,800 miles a year, it's possible to run 1,019,200 miles in 4 years.

Assuming that he either runs harder after repairs to make up for down time or is in touch with his truck enough to diagnose all problems and call them into his shop to minimize down time, I can see his claims as being legit.

As for using something more fuel effeciant than a truck: fuel economy can kiss my ass with that type of cargo. With the dogs outside of the cab, in their own kennels, he doesn't have to deal with 8 barking dogs all day long every day.

Sure, weight wise he probably could have saved and picked up an F150, but, the F250 is more comfortable. At some point driver comfort has to come into play. In general, trucks are FAR more comfortable than cars.

Report: Jeep pickup coming in 2012 (Autoblog)

Sep 19th 2010 5:45PM I drive a GMC Sierra. I wanted a Colorado or a Canyon the last time I went shopping, but, the rebates were so extensive on the larger truck that I bought a fully loaded 1500 Series 4x4 for less than any Colorado/Canyon that had all the same must have options. If Jeep builds this and sells it at a reasonable price, I will trade in my Sierra.

I've wanted a Wrangler for YEARS, but, I never felt like they were worth the price tag. This truck could be the exact compromise for what I've been looking for. The truck bed for Home Depot and dump runs. Wrangler looks and hopefully removable top option for fun.

I have never wanted something to become more of a reality than this thing.

Four Reasons Why Leno Got His Audience Back So Fast (AOL TV)

Apr 10th 2010 12:32AM It's nice to know that if I ever have to give up Cable TV, Leno is back on the air. As unfunny as he is, he's better than the other late night options. Always was better than Letterman, Conan, and whoever else fills that time slot.

I'd still rather fall asleep to the Science Channel, though.

Two wheels to the front: Arizona to legalize lane splitting. Maybe. (Autoblog)

Mar 27th 2010 1:12PM As a biker, if you split lanes, you deserve to be road pizza.

Walkinshaw Performance releases the Pontiac G8 wagon we've always wanted... in Australia (Autoblog)

Mar 24th 2010 3:25PM Ditch the nostrils and then it'll be perfect. I never wanted a wagon before.

Rumormill: Has Toyota scrapped the design of the FT-86? (Autoblog)

Feb 10th 2010 3:10PM I, too, am more interested in seeing the Subie version. I'd rather have a AWD version.

Ford Suisse rolls out special edition Focus RS WRC (Autoblog)

Feb 7th 2010 11:32PM As I slowly overcome my GM bias and start to appreciate cars for what they are and not just the badge on the grill, my eyes are slowly starting to open. I'm seriously considering making my next purchase a Subaru, after finally acknowledging that they've moved beyond the POS FWD 86 Subaru hatchback my mom owned through most of my childhood.

I'm even relearning to appreciate what comes from Ford. I still cannot wrap my mind around a $50K Focus. I can't think of it as more than a $17K rental car.

Report: Toyota's gas pedal supplier woe spreads to Ford of China commercial vehicles (Autoblog)

Jan 29th 2010 1:38AM @Gina

One of two things have happened.

1) CTS designed the throttle system on their own and sold it to various companies such as Ford and Toyota. If this is the case, CTS is at fault.

2) Ford, Toyota, and other companies submitted their own designs to CTS for production. Assuming the parts were built according to spec, Toyota is at fault.

Next-gen Ford Explorer will bring 1,200 new jobs to Chicago (Autoblog)

Jan 26th 2010 3:48PM It's really the best option for a compact/midsized crew cab. The Dakota and Colorado feels too cheap for being at the same price point as the Sport Trac. If the bed was a little bigger, I'd have bought one instead of my fullsize. I need at least a 6.5ft bed.