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Found Footage: Apple Store refuses service to iPhone sans AT&T contract (

Oct 21st 2007 3:14PM are you all apple employee? Man ... Apple is good ... apple is our God ... please, get a life ... you are a bunch of morons.

Linux alternative to iPhone (Download Squad)

Sep 1st 2007 3:14PM for Paul Fehr:
but don't you see the Skype icon in the picture at the top of this article? of course Skype is available on this device. And yes, you can make phone call to a land line or a cellphone everywhere in the world ( like on your computer ). I'm saying this because I have one and since all my family is in Europe I'm using it every single day. It is fabolous. I've tried the Iphone. The internet from ATT is terrible ( the old gsm connection was faster ), the phone is cool but it is not good for business. Only to play, surfing internet, send email ( not available with outlook that is the 98% used software ) or other Office application. So. It is just a nice toy for kids ( like every thing from apple ).